Spring 2017

Wednesday 7 June - Sunday 11 June

“Elizabeth created Squam Art Workshops and I have never met a person so insightful and warm, she has put together an experience which seems to adapt itself to each individual, offering just what that person wants or needs and allowing them to create their own unique experience while still being part of a community. There is magic in those woods, my science loving brain is working hard to process that but it’s still true, Squam IS where the magic happens.”
– Rachel Coopey (June 2015)

It seems hard to believe that one weekend could have such a long-lasting effect. How can a mere five days create a wellspring of ease, comfort and light that you can draw upon for the weeks, months and years that follow? As with any good magic, there’s a bit of mystery in the mix to be sure. What we know is that being in a sanctuary of natural beauty where the focus is on play and, explorations into creativity is, in itself, restorative. Add in the kindred spirits who come from all corners of the world to share ideas, stories, fresh perspective — and you have the makings of an experience that can root you more deeply into who you are — all the while helping you to expand you into the fullest expression of yourself.

No surprise then that “over the past decade, an abundance of psychology research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than do possessions.” (The Atlantic) Oh, snap! I already wrote all about this years ago when I shared from a 2010 NYT article that said, “one major finding is that spending money for an experience produces longer-lasting satisfaction than spending money on plain old stuff.”

I’m thinking there’s really only one way to know if coming to Squam is exactly what you need most: check in with your heart. As we always say, if it’s not a YES, it’s a no.

Of course, if your heart is saying YES and your head is saying . . ‘but this sounds like crazypants’ the best thing might be to read some of the raves or take a look at how it went previously. Of course, there is no way to know exactly how it will unfold for you as each path is unique. However, for me, what I wrote following last Spring’s gathering still holds as my core truth:

I know that I am grateful to have a sanctuary in this world
where I can have my spirit strengthened through creativity,
through friendship, through love — so that I can return
to this world, more able to hold the light.

Below is our best effort to set your expectations correctly.

What you can plan for: twinkle lights, generous teachers, sweet walks through the woods, open hearts, vintage cottages, loons calling across the lake, laughter rolling up from the dock, time to breathe, night sky full of stars.

What you can’t plan for: the mystical connections and unexpected discoveries that will surely find you.

Friday morning and Saturday afternoon are all about free time for relaxing, hiking, exploring the antique shops, swimming, sitting on the dock, basically doing whatever calls to your heart.

And of course, don’t forget the EXTRAS:  Spend part of your Saturday afternoon finding inspiration in the beautiful woods around camp as we create a magical Squam Totem with Kat Stromecki. Perhaps you will work with an acorn cap, a pine cone, or a sliver of birch bark — whatever you choose will be transformed into a sacred totem with stitches, fabric, an assortment of textiles and whatever else calls to your heart. This totem will be infused with your personal intentions and serve you in many ways, not least of which will be to always remind you of your time by the lake.

As always, there will be a number of dreamy yoga classes available for you, too.



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photo credit: Tara Morris

Spring 2017 is sold out.*

*Thank you so much for your interest! This retreat is currently full. However, life can be unexpected and cancellations do occur so there is a waiting list.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please email forrest@squamartworkshops.com

On Monday, January 16th, we will begin processing registrations in the order they are received. If you have already pre-registered, all you have to do is follow directions below.



To REGISTER simply follow the FOUR steps below:

  1. Download the registration form at the BOTTOM of this page. Simply fill out the two fields below and you will be directed to a link to download the form.
  2. Print it out.
  3. Complete and sign the form.
  4. Send it to us!
  • If you are mailing your registration form you may post mark it anytime after Monday, January 9th, 2017 to provide enough time for it to arrive by the 16th.
  • If you are emailing your registration form, you may do so anytime beginning Monday, January 16th, 2017 to hello@squamartworkshops.com.
  • If you are paying via PayPal, this will become available to you after pre-registration closes.


(includes all workshops, evening events, 4 nights lodging, full meal plan)

OFF-CAMPUS lodging – 790 USD
(includes all workshops, evening events, three lunches and one dinner)

The following meal options are available ONLY to off-campus attendees:
Four breakfasts – 45 USD
Three dinners – 65 USD

Some notes:

    • if you want to share a cottage with a particular person (or group) please send ALL your registrations together in ONE envelope.
    • if you have a particular cottage you want most, do let us know
    • there are very few single rooms and most are in LARGE cottages so if you want single and small, that’s not often available and you might want to choose between which of those two things you want most.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no one-day classes available. This is a five-day retreat and we are not able to offer any partial attendance at this time. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds after March 31st, 2017. There are no exceptions. All requests for refunds must be received in writing before March 31st, 2017. (You may have someone else take your spot before May 15th, 2017, but we must be notified of all changes). Pre-registration fee is non-refundable or transferable. Deposits are non-refundable or transferable. In the case of acts of God, war, disaster or unforeseen circumstances, Soliden LLC reserves the right to reschedule Squam Art Workshops.

Release Form: I have read all the above policy information and I agree to assume all risk of personal harm or injury relating to or resulting from my participating in all workshops and activities associated with Squam Art Workshops, and to hold Soliden LLC and its teachers, harmless as to liability for any such harm or injury.

TO DOWNLOAD THE REGISTRATION FORM, simply fill out the form below. You will then be directed to a link to download the form. 


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Location & Travel Info

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How do I get there?

RDC is approximately 2.5 hrs from Boston and 1 hour north of Concord, NH.

Directions: Take I-93 to Exit 24 in Ashland, NH.

Take a Right off the Highway and follow US Route 3 & 25 east (approx. 4.2 miles) to Holderness. Take a Left on NH Route 113 just before the Holderness Bridge (Walter´s Basin Restaurant).

Travel northeast on Route 113 for 5.0 miles to Pinehurst Road. “Rockywold Deephaven Camps” sign is on the right.

Take a Right on Pinehurst Road and continue for 0.6 mile and take a right at the main entrance (Armstrong Road).

Where is the closest airport?

Manchester Airport in Manchester, NH, is 1hr 15 mins away by car and a big hub for Southwest Airlines. Logan Airport in Boston is about 2.5 hours away by car. Rental cars are available at both airports, or check out the shuttle services below.

Is there transportation to and from the airport?

Below is contact information for a local shuttle service. They are familiar with SAW and RDC. Please contact them directly to arrange transportation.

Mountain View Shuttle: 603.536.4090. Reservations@MtnViewShuttle.com

Concord Trailways has very limited service to Center Harbor, NH, which is 15 minutes away from Squam. If you choose this option we can work with you to arrange a ride to campus.

How do I arrange carpooling or make contact with other Squammies?

YES.  There is a wonderful community at the SQUAM RAVELRY site.  (You need to join Ravelry to access the board, but it is free).  This is a fabulous place to ask questions, meet new friends, and make arrangments for carpooling.

Driving Distances (approximate)

Boston, MA 2.5 hours
Portsmouth, NH 1.5 hours
Hartford, CT 3.5 hours
New York City, NY 6 hours
Montreal, Canada 4 hours
Closest Airport is Manchester, NH (MHT)

Also check out a Google map of the area.


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May I bring a guest who is not taking classes?

Yes. Contact Forrest (forrest AT squamartworkshops DOT com) for the cost of room and board for the non-participant(s).

What else of interest is nearby for my guest/family to see and do while I’m in class?

Check out the list on the RDC website. This includes area galleries, attractions, dining options, etc.

Where’s the nearest…?

ATM and Gas- Merrill’s Convenience Store in Holderness
General Store for snack, beer, wine and sundries – Squam Lake Marketplace, Holderness
Grocery Store- Bob’s Shurfine in Ashland (exit 24 Rt 93), Heath’s in Center Harbor or Hannaford’s in Meredith
Pharmacy- Rite-Aide in Meredith
Liquor Store- Ashland, NH State Liquor Store (exit 24 on RT 93)

What about meals? I have food allergies / I am vegetarian/vegan.

RDC is prepared to cater to various food allergies such as gluten or lactose-intolerance. Meals are offered buffet-style and always have a wide variety of options, including a huge organic salad bar with all the fixings. If in doubt about a dish, the staff is very helpful about asking the chef about the ingredients. In the past about 10% of our attendees have been gluten-free and have raved about the food. Contact us if you have major concerns.

Are there any scholarships available?

Unfortunately, we do not have the funding to provide scholarships or work/study programs. Some Squammies have had success with a number of different approaches: a few put up contests at their blogs, several teachers asked their schools to pay the tuition as part of their continuing education (we provide certificates). Go to the message board for additional ideas. The collective energy there is amazing and you will likely find some genuine help and support.

What’s the weather like? What clothes should I bring?

Weather in NH can vary wildly in the course of a single day, from cold to hot and back to cold again. So, do like the French and bring layers. You’ll likely have a hoodie on in the morning, take that off in the afternoon, and don a fleece or jacket once evening sets. Sneakers are your best bet for footwear, but also bring something for your feet in case of rain. And speaking of rain, you’ll want an anorak or rain jacket on hand as well as umbrella to ensure that it doesn’t rain. For sleeping, consider warm socks, pjs and/or sweats, and a bathrobe for snuggling up in front of the fire with your new friends. Although the down comforters will keep you warm and cozy, cabins are not insulated. Some attendees bring a knit hat to sleep in. And dare we suggest a bathing suit?

What other things should I bring?

Flashlight (with extra batteries) is a must-have. Also consider: camera, alarm clock, small reading light, ear plugs, bug repellant, bottle opener, hat, phone charger, travel mug (for coffee or tea from the dining hall or in your cabin), snacks (there is no cafe on campus for in-between meals). Cabins have small iceboxes, but no microwaves. You may bring your own small coffee maker or electric tea kettle for early morning/late evening beverages. Don’t forget the fixings! The paths between classrooms and cabins are lovely and blanketed with pine needles, but not paved, so a rolling cart for your art supplies would be tough to manage. We suggest a backpack or carryall bag.

May I ship my art supplies ahead of time?

You are welcome to ship your materials ahead to NH so you can travel more easily. Please follow the instructions below:

Address your box clearly to:
YOU, c/o Rockywold-Deephaven Camps, 18 Bacon Rd, Holderness, NH 03245

For all shipping, YOUR NAME and SAW must be clearly indicated so they know to hold it aside for you. Please do not ship your materials more than three weeks before your session begins. Our storage space is limited! This bit is important: to ship things home again you must repack your box so it can be shipped directly from RDC. We will not have any shipping materials for you, so put them in the box you ship out. All boxes to be shipped must be left at the RDC office packed and ready to go. Once the box is in the mail we will send you a bill by email.

May I attend just one day, one workshop or an evening event?

The Squam Art Fair is open to all and we do hope you’ll attend this fabulous event.

What contact information should I leave for my family?

The main number for the Rockywold Office is 603.968.3313. Cell phone reception at RDC is fairly good. Wireless is available in most locations. Also, leave them with the RDC website.

Is this just for women?

No. Don’t let the photos fool you. Although it is true that, to date, the majority of people who attend SAW are female, we have had men at every session and their numbers are growing. To be clear, SAW is open to all.

Spring 2017 Payments