wild carrot

wild carrot aka queen anne’s lace In this moment as I write to you, the humidity has rolled back in and the air feels thick, but at 8:00 am the sky was clear and the temperature much cooler.  I took the dogs to the beach and it was a slice of heaven. The beauty of starting a Monday morning with a walk on the beach when I am not on holiday is not lost on me. photos: Forrest K. Elliot I remember a conversation I … View Post

wide open

“Each of us has the capacity not only for great happiness but also for bringing great happiness to others.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, Good Citizens One good way to start off a summer day is to take a long walk along the seashore, so the dogs and I hit the beach early this morning.  They swam until they could swim no more and then– back to the office where the windows are wide open to the breezes that remind me why paperweights were once so … View Post