Kristine Vejar

30_360_310_kristinevejar_byterriloewenthal_360Kristine Vejar is the author of The Modern Natural Dyer (Abrams / STC Craft 2015) and is the owner of A Verb for Keeping Warm; a natural dyeing studio, and shop offering yarn, fabric, and fiber, located in Oakland California.

Below is an excerpt from Karen Templer’s profile of Kristine in her Our Tools, Ourselves feature.

“A big impetus behind creating the shop was to create a space where people could come together to create. I learned to knit and sew in a community setting — with my grandmother and her best friends. Years later, when I found myself studying art and architecture in India, I drew upon my skills of making textiles (and cooking) to connect with others. Even though we had a limited amount of shared language, we could connect over the act of making.

This made a great impression on me, and one that I wanted to continue exploring and expanding for an unknown duration. I love learning what others are making, how they see texture and color, and how they transform an idea into a usable object.”

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