Stitched Together 2020 :: full circle

Once upon a time, I was a stay at home mom of two young children just beginning to explore the idea of creativity, not simply as something I did, but as an essential part of who I was. It changed my world when I found a community online that was exploring and celebrating art-making as a way of life. I finally felt part of something I never knew could exist and found a way of belonging to my own life in a way I could … View Post

moments of grace

photo credit ::  Elizabeth Duvivier If there is a bigger challenge than finding our way through a world that holds both beauty and horror, I don’t know what it is. We all need a lamp and a guide. Even Joseph Campbell, the scholar of mythology and religion, traveled all the way to a remote part of India to meet with a revered guru in India and ask him, “if I say YES to Life, does this mean I have to say YES to all of … View Post