things I cannot explain

“Art generates its own energy and warmth different from the heat produced by physical work something I cannot explain.”  Andy Goldsworthy, TIME photo credit:  MARY-HEATHER COGGER Some things feel so arbitrary.  Summer, for instance.  Today is glorious, soft, fragile, redolent, sunny and warm with a sweet breeze flirting at the curtains. And so, for me, this is absolutely the first day of summer, for sure– yet, the Farmer’s Almanac would have me believe otherwise.  Whatever.  Sort of like how they decide what constitutes Belgium or Austria– … View Post

it’s a whole new movie

photo credit: Gudrun Johnston  “That moment of recognizing a kindred spirit is a profound one indeed. . . a deep knowing that this was only the end of the beginning. SQUAM ISN’T JUST A BEAUTIFUL LAKE, NOR IS IT MERELY AN EVENT OR A GATHERING. IT IS A FEELING AND A SPIRIT THAT WE ALL BRING WITH US TO THAT MAGIC PLACE, AND WE TAKE IT BACK WITH US TO ILLUMINATE OUR LIVES UNTIL IT IS TIME AGAIN TO GATHER ON THOSE NEW HAMPSHIRE SHORES.” – OLIVIA WHITE Once … View Post