peace out!

* Peace out! SQUAM HQ is now closed for the holidays. * I am looking forward to my first ever Christmas on the East Coast —  a mix of new traditions with some old favorites — stepping softly into this season of light to remember how important it is that we unite in love, compassion and shared joy. This season I am feeling especially blessed to be a part of this community of makers who believe in kindness and keeping a warm and open heart. … View Post

a present for each of us

painting by CLARE ELSAESSER “This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.” – Mary Oliver In this season of gifts and giving I wanted to share this image above by the luminous Clare Elsaesser. Her work feeds my heart in such deep ways and this image in particular really sings to me today, as I reflect on this moment– which wraps around me with all I have learned, all I … View Post

wild geese

This weekend we had our first snowfall here in Salem — my first experience of snow in New England this winter. My goodness, was it gorgeous! My boyfriend and I took a walk at the local farm as the flakes were falling down and sticking to our eyelashes and freezing to the pom-pom on my hat! We walked through the fields with the cows and a field full of hundreds of geese, reminding me of Mary Oliver’s poem, Wild Geese. This time last year when I … View Post

teacher highlight :: Morgan Dyer

Introducing Morgan Dyer, one of our fabulous new Fall 2018 teachers! Morgan’s expressive, abstract works are inspired primarily by landscapes and personal experience, and are brought to life by her affinity for color — she is primarily known for her large abstract paintings often representing mountains or the sea. My experience with painting has often been wrought with questions on how to achieve a certain emotion in my work, or riddled with frustrations around mixing the same paint color twice! Which is why I’m REALLY excited … View Post

dancing with the moon and inviting self care

Happy December my friends! This morning I want to share with you a story and a lesson learned… On Saturday evening, my boyfriend, our cat and I were snuggled up on the sofa for an early night in and I realized that my body was aching, truly aching. Not a coming-down-with-a-flu-ache or an ache of tiredness, but a winter-time ache: the type that comes when our bodies start to turn inwards and embrace the longer evenings, the lower light of the sun, and the need to … View Post