In My Opinion

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Camille DeAngelis


Thursday June 8th
Friday June 9th - CLOSED
Saturday June 10th - CLOSED

Experience level: All Levels

The best use of literature bends not toward the narrow and the absolute
but to the extravagant and the possible. Answers are no part of it; rather
it is the opinions, the rhapsodic persuasions, the engrafted logics, the
clues that are to the mind of the reader the possible keys to their own
self-quarrels, their own predicament.
 РMary Oliver, Upstream

In today’s world of 140 character tweets, shorthand texts rife with emojis and the preference for soundbites over substance, it might seem the value of a well-crafted essay has declined. The opposite is true.


Never have we been more in need of stories, viewpoints and ideas expressed with clarity and grace. And the resounding popularity of a column like the New York Times‘ Modern Love is proof that there is an audience hungry for your story.

Whether your goal is to be published in a magazine, to write with greater confidence on your blog or newsletter — or simply to begin shaping the stories of your life into an engaging form, this class will help you to see the structure and underpinnings of a powerful essay and to strengthen your skill in writing one.

Together, we’ll be delving into writing a personal essay.¬†There will be a series of exercises to help you create a piece of writing with a beginning, middle and end.

We will read a number of examples and use them as a jumping off point for discussions around subjectivity, gender expectations and where the common pitfalls are.

Ultimately, we will explore one of the core gifts that a successful personal essay delivers which is, of course, to reach the universal through the personal.


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