On Letting Go and Awakening the Best YOU

Time is a funny thing. It can provide us with so little or even better, so much. It offers literal space between life events or a meditative space for reflection and mental clarity. Almost two years to the day, I was in the final months of completing my undergraduate thesis. For the greater part of the year, I had been exploring a variety of different trajectories — there were moments when I had no idea what direction my work was going to take me or … View Post

Love is in the Details

Four years ago, my sweet friend Sissy and I embarked on a rather epic trip to the UK. Epic because Sissy was nearly five months pregnant, it was winter and our destination required a series of trains, planes and automobiles. Still, we did it and had a most marvelous adventure replete with a return trip that is worthy of the record books. The reason for the journey was that I had been forever wanting to take a class with Julie Arkell and this was my … View Post

the creative lens

A little Monday morning groove to get you in the mood for whatever suits your fancy:

the creative lens

No matter the time of year, whenever I walk by Providence Perfume Co. on Wickenden Street, I fall in love with Charna’s window displays. When Mindy was here for a visit on Tuesday, we spent the afternoon creating out own personal perfumes. A mix of Sandalwood and Tabacco for the base notes, Neroli and Mimosa for the heart notes, and Bergamont and Black Pepper for the top notes and volia – my new signature scent. It’s a mix of clean, sweet and floral with a … View Post

the life you crave

CONGRATULATIONS to the FIVE winners of the Gift of the HEART drawing! (details at the Squam facebook page) Today is our last day of the SQUAMLOVE FEST – tell me you’re not primed for Valentine’s – Of course you are. It’s been quite the ride down memory lane for me as I dug through boxes of letters and photos. And, weirdly, it just only occurred to me that next year — 2017 — will mark 10 YEARS since we first gathered at the lake. I’m … View Post