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tales of a musk deer

My stomach is full of butterflies and I am feeling a bit flooded with anxiety with what I am about to share. This is exactly the feeling I get the night of Opening Ceremony at Squam. Awful. Does not feel at all good. Nervous. Awkward. Embarrassed. Over the years I have found a way to get through these feelings and show up on stage despite how much they want to crush me into a hole in the ground. I share what is in my heart … View Post

all I know for sure

Something you may not know about me is that my first job out of college was in a boarding school where I taught French (and coached lacrosse – boo-YAH!). Ready for another colassal surprise? Very few of the teenagers had any interest in learning French. I know, it’s a shocker. Which was truly okay, because as much as I love French unless your curriculum is steeped in sex, drugs and rock n roll, good luck holding the attenton of the 14-18 year old set. So, … View Post

the creative lens

| last week in photos | there has been something about this year that is distinctly different than years past and I honestly cannot tell if it is ACTUALLY November or the 500th day of summer. (obviously referencing HERE, HERE, and HERE) so I will leave you with this 4 second gem, since it was so breath taking to experience LIVE* VIDEO