a little EXTRA magic

We have more details to share with you today, most especially we are delighted to announce our 2017 EXTRAS for both the Spring and Fall gatherings. Before we share the BIG news that our September gathering will have Dr. Giavanni Washington in the house!!  (WOOT) we want to let you know that the special additional offerings people are making available are woven throughout both retreats and we are genuinely thrilled to the core to be wrapped with such love and care. First up, Kat Stromecki will be … View Post

with gratitude and an open heart for the world

Early in the morning of May 10, 1940 a young Belgian family was getting ready to catch a train. They lived in Antwerp and were headed to Paris for a family wedding. The small family was my grandfather, grandmother, father and aunt. My dad was 12 years old that morning and obsessed with airplanes. He could identify anything. My grandfather was at the sink shaving when my dad raced in shouting, “Dad, Dad — those are German planes!” Although my grandfather at first did not believe … View Post