Autumn Fussell

AUTUMN COE SONG spent many moons and numerous years bringing up her clan in a mossy shed surrounded by secondhand finds, critters and pine trees just outside of Seattle.

These days Autumn is a little wiser and a little more silver. With children scattered around the globe she can be found on any given day fabricating slow-stitched goodness under the name ‘autumn song’ or going from panic to pilgrimage out in the world. It is also not unheard of her loitering online under the name curious.and.coe, (a company created with two of her children) or autumnsong.atelier, whilst doing her best to turn up for life each and everyday, in whatever shape or form that may happen to be.

So in a nutshell, she is a woolly tattoo artist, a slow-stitched advocate, a critter liker, a spiritual technician in-the-making and definitely a work-in-progress.