“Writing is important in the African-American tradition. We were not supposed to write and we would be severely punished or even killed if we were teaching people to read and write. One very important component of that tradition is not only naming what’s going on and maybe what needs to be changed but also what can you give people that makes them want to stand taller or, get up the next day and do what they need to do. How are you going to give … View Post

on friendship

Squam in the City 2014 photo credit: Xanthe Berkeley Above is a photo of two friends who had not seen each other in many years but reconnected at a Squam gathering four years ago. This photo never fails to spark joy in my heart. These past weeks I have needed reminders of joy because my heart has been heavy with grief and emotional turbulence. When I began Squam, it was with the specific intention to help another woman reconnect with herself through creativity. It was … View Post