then and now

The rain was relentless on the morning I moved to Providence. It drummed on the roof of the car, made the windshield wipers work at a frenzied pace and did not let up until the last box was in my new apartment — the apartment that had been professionally cleaned the day before to ease my transition now had mud tracked everywhere and in every direction. I left the wet boxes where they sat dripping. The dogs and I crawled onto the bed and huddled … View Post

coming full circle

There really isn’t a whole lot that makes me more deeply happy than seeing the friendships that develop at Squam and the ways in which these connections provide the support for dreams to take shape — and flight! Circle of Stitches, a yarn shop in the funky town of Salem, MA is the creation of ANA CAMPOS— someone who came to Squam a few years back and found her tribe. Not only does Ana own the shop, dye the yarn and teach knitting, she has … View Post

trying to remember

On Friday, I was still feeling a bit of post-Squam re-entry bobble-headedness so decided to indulge my inner procrastinator and share my reflections about our most recent gathering at the lake today, Monday. And, the world turns on a dime. No doubt, heading into the weekend I had some idea of the theme I was going to use as a thread through the myriad colors, conversations, classes and perspectives that add up to a Squam experience. I was so excited to share the joy and … View Post