photo above is by Amysue Chase who snapped it as she drove her electronic mobility vehicle around RDC in June 2019.

For someone with health or mobility issues, it is an ongoing challenge to navigate the daily world so the idea of going on a retreat where the same issues or additional frustrations are waiting can be in direct opposition to the comfort, ease and self-care that is being sought by attending a retreat in the first place.

We are aware of this issue and do our best, on a case-by-case basis, to help attendees navigate the venue where we hold our retreats. As each person with a disability has unique needs specific to them, we  work with each person to establish what will best support their experience. So please, we welcome your questions and trust that you will feel comfortable reaching out to us with your concerns. We especially want to encourage anyone who may have invisible challenges too. Of course, there are limits to what we have to offer, but we are always open to trying to make things work to the best of our ability.

Because our largest and most widely attended retreats take place at Rockywold-Deephaven Camps, we can share what the accessibility looks like for that venue. As we post events that are not held at RDC, we will communicate the specifics of accessibility within that retreat listing.

Below is the basic information we have as you think about your needs and consider joining us.


By the Way (1 room, 1 bathroom)

Eldorado (3 rooms, 1 bathroom)

High Pines (2 rooms, 1 bathroom)

Longhouse (room #5 + #4, 1 bathroom)

Sommers (2 rooms, 1 bathroom)


Greenwood Lodge (2 rooms, 1 bathroom)

Still, you may wonder-- what is it really like? Can I use my cane? Is it hard to get around? Below, Amysue Chase, who has attended many Squam retreats shares her experience in the event it is helpful to you.

"RDC is surprisingly accessible but everyone has different challenges. Their staff is understanding and helpful. The playhouse ramp is not quite flush to ground so a slight problem to navigate but honestly the facility is far more accessible than I would have imagined. I think that attempting to hold classes in the more accessible places is great, I had no problem with mine.

Oh and let folks know that there are ramps at side of places like Rock Dining etc. I don't know if any docks are accessible, I use my canes, but eventually won't be able to. I am accepting of that and can enter water near boat rental area.

Folks with wheel chairs or upright power chairs may have different experiences but I never used my car once."

"I love this picture of me at the Hap class. The building (Eldorado) had a ramp and I was able to keep my legs elevated while participating fully in class."

Thank you Amysue for sharing your experience with us!

For all accessibility questions and concerns, please email us directly at:

hello AT squamartworkshops DOT com

We would LOVE to have you join us!