our first ever MODERN QUILT SHOW

We could not be more delighted to be hosting our first ever MODERN QUILT SHOW thanks to the amazing communities of gather here and the Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild. This juried show is open to ALL and scheduled so that you can connect with friends, get dazzled with inspiration by the exquisite beauty of more than 40 quilts on display, enjoy the chance to win some fabulous raffle prizes before you head on over to the SQUAM ART FAIR. This will definitely be an experiment in how much fun and … View Post

the creative lens

a glimpse into the first few weeks of summer.   The Creative Lens is a glimpse into the week before — adventures in the city to the countryside, creative projects that I’m working on, cultural events that catch my eye, and of course a photo or two of the pups. I would love to hear what you are working on, what is calling to your heart. And always, I would love for you to join me on Instagram. xo – Forrest