Terri Dautcher

screen_shot_2015_11_01_at_4.03.01_pmTerri Dautcher loves to solve problems. Throw down a creative challenge and she is off and running.

She loves to explore the many ways to manifest dreams and wishes through creativity.

By day, she is a consultant for colleges and universities across the country. By night and weekend, however, she is a tinkerer, creator, builder, maker of things, sans pareil.

For many years, Terri both designed and made all the costumes and masks for the annual, full-scale university theater and dance productions. Let’s just say this woman knows her way around a glue gun. In recent years, however, she has opened her home, shop and studio (often referred to as the Weasley Palace) to offer spectacular and imaginative workshops.

Her joyful spirit and seemingly endless wealth of practical know-how will ensure that her classes are not only informative and productive, but also brimming with laughter and silliness– the very best kind of creative energy.