Episode 82 :: Talking with Tif Fussell, part one

After Tif and I got back from September Squam 2018, we sat down to chat about “Plantbased Wholefood eating, silver hair, pigeons, uniforms, transitions, cocoons, Autumn and Dancing Queen amongst other things and not in that particular order –” as Tif so aptly summed it up on her IG post. This conversation with Tif is ongoing and will be part of this podcast series in the months ahead as we explore the new adventures we have each recently embarked upon and get a chance to … View Post

Episode 81 :: Gerri Smalley

 pictured above Gerri Smalley + Elizabeth This past summer I was having conversations with my friend Gerri that were diving so deep that at one point I said to her, I wish we could share this — what we are talking about is helping me so much in dealing with this tumultuous cultural shift we are living through. She felt the same way, but then– you know, life. I didn’t take any action around it. And then, some weeks later on my facebook page, … View Post

Episode 80 :: Elizabeth Duvivier

Hey kids! So– this little podcast is getting cranked back up. The full post will be found over at Elizabeth’s blog:  mysticvixen.com Above is a photograph that Elizabeth took of Tif Fussell during their recent 5-day adventure in Portland, Oregon that she mentions in today’s episode. For more, head over to the blog. FYI– today is just Elizabeth chatting.  

Episode 79 :: Elizabeth Duvivier

Today I am chatting with you. Sharing a response to this email (below) that I received this morning. Getting ready to head out to an Arts Residency and putting this podcast on sabbatical until  perhaps late September or early October. bisous, Elizabeth Hi Elizabeth, Been meaning to write to you for awhile, and am finally getting around to it.  First of all congrats on your time in Sedona, AZ. I hope your time there brings you everything you need and more.  Many blessings on your … View Post

Episode 78 :: Joan Dwyer

A few weeks ago I was chatting with JOAN DWYER here on the dock. You should know, Joan is a true hero in my world. Owner and founder of the largest and oldest Yoga community here in Rhode Island– All That Matters,  Joan has a wildly generous heart, is dedicated to building and nurturing community, a love of gardening and healing modalities — all things I cherish. However, the biggest reason why she is such a hero to me is that this is a woman who says YES to life. She … View Post