old friends (even though we just met)

photo credit: CAMILLE DEANGELIS “When I was leaving, it was like saying goodbye to old friends even though we just met.” Jeanne Lewis, founder and CCO Creativebug   HEADS UP: Below might be the longest blog post I’ve ever written.┬áHope you’ve got a hot cup of tea! In the photo above, Jeanne Lewis sits with fellow squammies Veronica, Sylvia and Anne at the top of Rattlesnake Mountain, a favorite hike from camp. I love this shot because it captures one of the in-between moments that … View Post

why each of us

Paris 2013, instagram Each of us experiences pain differently. For some it can trigger an explosion of anger, or a cascade of tears, or sometimes an overwhelming numbness, a stupor. For me, it’s always a piercing sensation in my heart that crumples me inward. I find I need a corner, somewhere quiet, still. Before there was the internet, I would reach for a book or go for a long walk to try and soothe the pain. I still go for long walks, but now I … View Post