on being new + taking home with you

human hieroglyphs on Squam Lake, September 2017 photo credit: AMY GRETCHEN Earlier in the year, when winter was on the cusp of spring, I was sitting near to the water where my two favorite rivers meet. This special place, back home in Washington State, truly holds my heart. I was watching the immense amount of water surge past and noticing the small pea-green shoots of spring starting to break the surface of the soil. I was sitting and writing in my journal about breaking my … View Post

water + imagination = poetry magic light

photo: Elizabeth Duvivier build me a lodge and a road, that people may come hitherĀ and have rest. Alice Mabel Bacon, 1887 It starts with a dream. Doesn’t it always? 130 years ago, a woman named Alice Mabel Bacon landed her canoe on the shores of Squam Lake and made the prayer above. Her wish became RDC which is where Squam Art Workshops happens. Clearly, Alice had a vision — but did she really know what her idea would lead to? Do any of us? Of … View Post

celebrating a Circle of Stitches

Obviously, we are big believers in taking the time to step out of ordinary life and retreat to the woods in order to take creative classes and fire up your makers mojo. However, it is equally important– and quite thrilling to see the resources dedicated— to have your creativity be supported and nourished in daily life. Across the country, yarn shops have always been a haven for community but today’s knitting and stitching sources have expanded their reach into all sorts of new areas. One … View Post