the most important practice

Seems simple enough. And yet, right? How lucky are those that come up through the world grounded in healthy self-esteem and genuine appreciation for who they are in this world. It truly is a gift. Of course, the good news is, we all have the power to develop the self-concept we want. It may not be easy, but the option exists. Below are a few links to some essays and reflections on this odd reality — that to engage with the world, open-hearted and filled … View Post

on staying the course

What are the influences on our tenacity? Why do some people keep going to the mat and others fold at the first sign of resistance? Is it cultural? Is it a parent or family member who models to us what perseverance looks like? And, where is the balance between crossing the finish line at all costs — basically killing ourselves for the ideal of finishing– with making a wise and balanced choice that it’s time to stop a particular pursuit and move on to other things when our … View Post

in a world

There is a most gorgeous, yet searing, short story written by Tillie Olsen titled, I Stand Here Ironing. Whenever I think of artists, women artists, women artists who are also mothers–  I think of this story and my heart aches.* Somehow in a world where everything is supposed to be easier– the challenge for women to carve out time, space and fortitude to create is still at a premium. Of all the lovely notes, hugs, and whispered words of appreciation we have received over the years, … View Post

how we stitch it all together

Stitches and community are on the brain this week as one beautiful quilt after another is received for the Modern Quilt Show. It’s going on ten years that we have been hosting gatherings to nurture creativity and, today, it is more clear than ever that coming together simply because we love to make things makes the world a better place. Not only do we have the time and space to nurture our spirits, we develop friendships and connections that deepen our collective compassion. More kindness, more understanding, more … View Post