Into the Mystic

August 2019 :: Wednesday 14th - Sunday 18th or Wednesday 21st
“This retreat is so wonderful, so nourishing, and so magical!
The small group and the full week allow for an introvert like me to sink in deeply,
have time to play, time to develop lasting friendships as well as plenty of time
to wander and contemplate. The small sharing circles of women’s
wisdom and authenticity are so powerful.
I love all the Squam gatherings I’ve been to, but Into the Mystic is truly special
and I hope you continue to have it.”    – Anjanette Bunce

It is with no small amount of excitement that we are thrilled to announce their will be an Into the Mystic gathering in August 2019. If you are not familiar with this offering, it is slightly different than our annual events on Squam lake as it is a full week long with a smaller group.  Though each one is unique, what defines an Into the Mystic gathering is an exceptional location with a focus on nurturing our spirits through:

LIGHT     *     EASE     *     LAUGHTER     *      CREATIVE PLAY

Speaking of creative play, we are thrilled to share that Lori Ann Graham, Autumn Fussell and Karen Stevens will be joining Elizabeth Duvivier and Meg Fussell on this adventure into our heart-center through stories, stitching, knitting, making, mixed-media, meditation and journaling.

What got the wheels turning on this next iteration of Into the Mystic was the discovery of a place that captivated our imagination and inspired us to gather far from the shores of Squam Lake; a place that carries the promise of fresh perspective, natural beauty and accommodations grounded in comfort and simplicity.

Nestled into the heart of Norway’s spectacular
landscape, Dharma Mountain is that place.

Just two hours north of Oslo, Dharma Mountain is a retreat center that provides the perfect getaway from the busy demands of daily life and a chance to sink into the magic that results when we focus on creative play and connection– both to the world around us and, to the world within.

Although this gathering will be much smaller than our events at the lake– our group will max out at 35– we will have the entire campus to ourselves which a very sweet indulgence indeed as that means we can spread out, breathe deeply and take advantage of the environment around us which includes:

  • a nearby river with waterfalls and swimming pools
  • magnificent mountain views.
  • fire pit
  • sauna
  • magical walking trails

The kitchen is staffed with chefs who are keen to ensure that our meals are both nurturing and in full alignment with the light and healing energies we are calling in for ourselves. Special dietary needs can be readily accommodated.

“I just wanted to share that I absolutely loved this retreat.

The smaller group setting and longer time really allowed me the time needed to rest and become refreshed. In addition, the relationships I made with the lovely ladies has lasted through these last few years. I truly feel that I have found my tribe.”
— Angela McCutcheon

Of course the core of what brings us together is the intention to spend time in nature and creative exploration. This gathering is designed for each of us to focus on those aspects of our life we want to expand into with more light, more ease. And, these days tucked away into this magical landscape will provide the space to let go of those aspects of our life we are ready to release.

In other words, wherever you are on your journey–whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of a chapter in your life– these five days will help you make the transition to the next place sweetly and filled with grace.

With our gentle-hearted teachers offering classes to support and inspire you, be ready for exploration into spirit as well as fun in a range of making: stitching, knitting, writing, and a host of mixed media play. The pace of the gathering is all about easy, nurturing energies that will allow us to let go and sink into our own individual ways of creative expression. The schedule is designed so that each workshop weaves organically into the next. That way, the central theme(s) you choose to explore can carry over seamlessly and your work will be enriched and expanded from each of these different access points.

“Into the Mystic gave me an opportunity
to create new ways to envision my life.”
— Artemis O’Connor

As with all Squam gatherings, each person will be encouraged to listen to their heart and follow their own drummer to create the experience they most want and need. However, if there were a way to describe what will be true for us all, it could be said that our time together we will be grounded in:

  • process versus productivity
  • creativity as a central way of being in the world
  • sharing stories and laughter
  • finding more ease, more joy and more light in our hearts.

With this as our intention, we can expect to return home feeling more deeply aligned with our core self which allows us to provide greater service to our families and communities as we can feel refreshed with renewed clarity, vision and vitality.

all photos of Dharma Mountain courtesy of Dharma Mountain


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Location & Travel Info

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We will be staying in cosy cottages nestled in the Norefjell Mountain Range northwest of Oslo, Norway. This beautiful setting is not to be believed — with a breathtaking mountain backdrop and cascading waterfalls — we think it’s the closest thing to paradise. Perfect setting for a relaxing getaway and as well as the more adventurous hearted


Dharma Mountain is located approximately two hours northwest of Oslo. Detailed instructions on how to get to the resort can be found HERE on their website.

You can link up with other attendees on our special Into the Mystic RAVELRY page to coordinate flights and ride-sharing. You can also email us directly and we can help get you connected!


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May I bring a guest who is not taking classes?

Yes. Please contact Meg for the cost of room and board for the non-participant(s).

What else of interest is nearby for my guest/family to see and do while I’m in class?

There are beautiful trekking options, with well-marked paths that lead through the spectacular nature right on our doorstep. Dharma Mountain are also equipped to arrange guided day-trips in the area — kayaking, bicycling, mountain trekking. If you arrive by car, there are plenty of nearby towns to explore.

What about meals? I have food allergies/ I am vegetarian/ vegan.

We are prepared to cater to various food allergies such as gluten or lactose-intolerance. Meals are vegetarian and are offered buffet-style and always have a wide variety of options, including a huge salad with all the fixings. Contact us if you have major concerns.

Are there any scholarships available?

Unfortunately, we do not have the funding to provide scholarships or work/study programs. Some Squammies have had success with a number of different approaches: a few put up contests at their blogs, several teachers asked their schools to pay the tuition as part of their continuing education (we provide certificates). Go to the message board for additional ideas. The collective energy there is amazing and you will likely find some genuine help and support.

What’s the weather like? What clothes should I bring?

Late-summer is an especially gorgeous season in Norway. At this time of year, expect about 18 hours of daylight! Be prepared for all weather conditions, as temperatures can fluctuate between very warm in the daytime and chilly at night.

What other things should I bring?

Whatever will make you feel comfortable! The cottages are well appointed with linens, towels and wood stoves, but you’ll want all your own toiletries. Bring comfortable footwear, and a headlamp is always useful for navigating at night.

May I attend just one day, one workshop or an evening event?

We are not able to offer single day options at this time.

What contact information should I leave for my family?

We will send this information to you prior to the retreat.

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