Into the Mystic :: Living Your Myth

Living your Myth

Taught by:

Elizabeth Duvivier


Thursday, Aug 15th 2019
Friday, Aug 16th 2019

Experience level: All levels

Living well is an art.
It has nothing to do with the world around you.
The key is connecting you with what is within you.
And like any art, it takes practice- but oh,
who knew it could be this sweet?

It is all well and good to “know” we want to live with more ease, more light, more grace — but HOW do we do this? In this workshop we will be exploring the elements that result in you LIVING YOUR MYTH with greater joy, compassion and understanding. It is steeped in my love of reading, writing, mythology and poetry but the core of what I share comes right from my heart — from my specific life experience.

In this class, we will connect to our hridaya, our spiritual heart. Our heart within our heart. And begin enjoying our life as we live with genuine delight in ourselves. Though we gather as a group, this is an inward journey. We will be journaling, sharing stories, doing short meditations and most definitely getting more clear about the myth we are living and the ways we can change it.

There was a time I was not able to enjoy life. I had lost my way. I don’t know when or how I lost my power — my inner strength, my self-knowing.

But I do know how I got it back
and that’s what I have to share.


There is a path for each of us and whether you feel you know where you are going but need some support, whether you sense that you may have gotten just a bit off track or if you are feeling truly lost — like you are bushwhacking through the wilderness — there are some specific practices that will help you get back on the good red road.

It really is almost like closing your eyes and clicking your heels three times.

You had the power all along.



NOTE: for anyone who has taken this offering with me previously, please know the focus will be the same but the material fresh and new! 🙂

Kit fee: $0


We will have pens available but if you have one you prefer to write with, please do bring it.