Elizabeth Duvivier

Author of Stories for My Sister.

It would be easy to slap labels on me such as writer, painter, teacher, dog nut, meadow walker, person who has been known to walk out into the garden and forget she has left oatmeal cooking on the stove (read:  oatmeal scorcher).

I could tell you that I love long lazy hours to write (for days and days), wild pagan dinner parties, the smell of grated ginger, wandering into the mystic, among other things.

However, if I had to guess, here’s what I think you might most want to know about me in the context of whether or not you want to join me for some creative exploration:  in 2008, I founded Squam Art Workshops and what I have learned most definitively over the years of hosting more than 37 art retreats is that when women gather for the specific purpose of creative play (ideally in a beautiful, natural setting) magic happens. I’m guessing that’s all you need to know, but below is some feedback from a few people who have been in workshops with me if that is helpful to you.

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Some comments below from my workshop, The Magic of Myth:

I STILL am not certain what exactly compelled me to say yes to this course. But it was instinct, and it was right. I wish I could somehow download your videos to keep and rewatch when I’m feeling in need of a friend. Every moment of this course has inspired me and comforted me and lit a fire in my heart. – Tara

Thank you, Elizabeth, for this beautiful and inspiring experience. I’m basking in the warm sun that is this course. – Jenn B

I have loved every minute of this course. The beauty, the camaraderie, the inspiration (off the hook!) and the encouragement. I’m truly inspired. And i hope to take the class again when you offer it again – Elizabeth.

So so lovely. I love your natural way on video, such a surprising depth of connection and intimacy for an e-course. Magic. How’d you do that? 🙂 Grateful from the depths of my heart. Thank you for being you and for sharing your beautiful self and work with the world. – Erin Geesaman Rabke

Wow,…this has been incredible. Thank you SO much Elizabeth… I loved, loved, loved every moment and appreciate all the energy and kindness and thought you put into this amazing adventure. I’ve had the best of the best six weeks sitting here with you (thousands of miles away) and am really excited about the new insights and ideas that have emerged because of this class.. Many Blessings, much appreciation, and lots of love, – Wendy Kehoe

I wish I could show you what you’ve done for me. I’ve had a difficult year battling post natal depression and truly THIS COURSE showed me the place that is home. I have followed the dim light and slowly heard my deepest, earliest, rawest being calling. THAT BIG. And that ordinary – kind of plain as day and always there like the sky behind clouds. It all scared me but I stuck with it and somehow poems and books have come into my path that are so pertinent it is as if they were written for me. In my life this moment there is poetry, fragments of thrilling inspiration and deep dreaming. Thank you, Elizabeth, from the bottom of my healing soul!!!! XXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xXXXXXXXXXXXXX – Tavs

I’ve had so many light bulb/ephiphany moments here, reading comments, learning from everyone, being guided by you Elizabeth, and I just have to say I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to being the same! Thank you Elizabeth. You are DEFINITELY a change maker, a sage, a mentor, a force for good in this world, and it is absolutely my honor to bump into someone like you – Cinnamon Rose

thank you sooooo much for this course, the images, the thoughts, the poems, the inspiration! It has brought me back to that place of longing for more creativity in my life, and expression of that creativity. It has been wonderful to share this space with you and all those treading on this mythical path. – Latifa Lipton

Thank you for this, Elizabeth. How hard was it for me to see myself as the hero of my own life? You know, I hadn’t really thought about this before now. For a long time I saw myself as the hero of other people’s lives – the one who would save the day. And for an even longer time I saw myself as not wanting to take full responsibility for my life, waiting for rescue, waiting for someone else to make big decisions. But now, sitting quiet and still, feeling and listening to my heart, to my surprise and satisfaction I can say I am the hero of my own life. And now, tears. Wow. Knowing this about myself, wow, my soul yearned for me to learn this. xoxo ~ Melissa
This course has been magical. Thank you so much for being ever so inspiring, kind, magical and loving. – Fotini

Taking this class is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made 🙂 – Candace

This course was awakening for me. Thank you from the deep of my soul Elizabeth, arrivederci a presto! Xoxo – Giusy

Oh my, tears, Elizabeth, tears all over my face. That’s what this course has brought me. I allow myself to FEEL and to cry of joy and of loss and of anger and of peace. It has connected me from head to toe. And right now I am crying because the world is again full of stars and I am feeling every bit a part of it. Oh god, emotions. I had forgotten how that feels. Forgotten. The revolution has already started. You are a light-bringer, you. xoxoxo – Kati Mohr

This class has been transforming. So I can only believe that it is woven together with LOVE. I have learned SO MUCH. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. You are definitely MAGIC personified. I always had that feeling, now I have proof! Sending much love to you. Xoxoxo – Megsie

I have tried all day to form the words I wanted to say without them being heavy-laden with emotion, but all day I have been pulled by emotions. So many showed up today: happiness at the wonderful experience of this class, awe when I look at how much I have changed in only six weeks, sadness at the thought of this congregation ending, appreciation to the wonderful souls of this group who taught me so much, inspiration when I look over the notes I took, and anticipation of how the lessons learned will be manifested in my future. In the end, all I have is emotion and a very full heart. This class and this group has changed me, improved me, and healed me. The only thing I dislike is that I cannot give each of you a hug. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. – Rita Herrmann

Thank you for sharing how you live your life so mindfully and for providing the specifics. Reading this is truly a treasure for me and paints a picture in very practical ways of how you live creatively. What a gift. – innergy

Elizabeth, this has been such a special gift of wisdom, light, transformation.
May you walk in beauty. – Sharon