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This weekend was the macrame workshop here at Squam HQ and it really could not have been more perfect.

Two weeks ago, I lost my much loved dog, Daisy and my spirit has been recovering from that loss. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to show up for the group, but it turns out, a full out weekend of playing with sticks and string with the loveliest group of gentle hearts was exactly what both Oliver (my other dog) and I both needed. Unfortunately, I only thought to take pictures at the very end of the day Sunday so I don’t have all the group here– but I wanted to share even a glimpse of what got started in this short amount of time.

First up, I have two words:  MICHAEL GABRIELLE.  Oh my word. There is a reason his first and last name are the names of angels. He is a TOTAL angel. It is a rare thing when an amazing artist is also a gifted teacher– and Michael is that extraordinary combo. He was the most kind, centered, well-prepared guide for each of the students who came from very different backgrounds– many had never done anything like this before. He even had a ten-year old student! But between you and me, she was the fastest learner of us all.

It really is kind of incredible how much beauty can be made from the simplest of objects: string, wood, bits of sea glass, ribbons, beads and found objects. And it seems macrame offers that wonderful balance of a meditative practice and yet you can share and chat while you work.

I would be downstairs cooking and I would hear bursts of laughter coming from upstairs and then, when I check in to see how it was going, people’s faces were full of concentration and focus.

Of course, I feel pretty certain a big part of the reason people were so happy, relaxed and easily slipping into the creative flow was due to the presence of oil fairy goddess EM FALCONBRIDGE as she had diffusers running in the studio so that wild orange, bergamot and peppermint floated on the air. And, we all got to learn more about the healing, nurturing properties of oils throughout the weekend which was just delicious.

The weekend ended with the same ease and grace that began it and I am definitely looking forward to see what everybody continues to make in the weeks and months ahead. What’s fun is that it really doesn’t matter. Just having this time — just having this experience and being fully present in these hours together where we shared stories as we crafted was, in itself, the gift.

bisous, Elizabeth

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