2023 :: the year ahead

Another year rolls out wrapped in promise and mystery. Let us hope for more light and less conflict, more vibrant health and fewer hardships. In an effort to sway the year toward experiences of joy, connection and community, we’ve got two retreats on hand for you. Take a look—perhaps there is something there that calls to you. above left: Elizabeth Duvivier + Tailinh Agoyo on right: Tiffany LaTrice 2023 SCHOLARSHIPS In 2023, we have two FULL scholarships available. If you need a boost to make … View Post

2022 :: new vistas, new visions

It’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn to what kind of gatherings are on the horizon for 2022 and I am here with some updates on that question. As it has been for all of us, the past two years have been extremely challenging for me. Last year in particular, cut me off at the knees and it took a lot of focus and digging deep to host four retreats. Each of them was utterly wonderful and I felt, as I always … View Post

STUDIO + WOODSHOP :: Into the Mystic 2021

Okay, so I probably could have shared this sooner, but here it is! Given that today is the last day of registration, I have received a number of emails asking about our INTO THE MYSTIC gathering this Spring. First question, is there still space? Answer: YES. Second question, can I see the woodshop and studio? Answer: YES. Below Terri walks us through a glimpse of ALL that is available for us to dive into for making & creative play in THE WOODSHOP. And, not to … View Post

a Sunday afternoon with Toni Lipsey, Mara Licole and Gaye Glasspie

pictured above left to right:  Gaye Glasspie, Toni Lipsey and Mara Licole Over in the SQUAMLOVE Community, we have been enjoying conversations with a variety of artists on a variety of subjects, but today, I wanted to share with all of you a lovely conversation I had one Sunday afternoon in January with Toni Lipsey, Mara Licole and Gaye Glasspie as I think we could all use some of their good energies in our life this weekend. It’s just a little bit thrilling to know … View Post

SQUAMLOVE Community Online! (at last)

Hello friends, Above is a video of me sharing with you some news about the SQUAMLOVE Community site that is now open and ready for YOU! What is SQUAMLOVE Community? NO ADS. NO ALGORITHMS You could call it a private facebook, but there are no ads, no algorithms —  so for me, it feels like a favourite coffee shop meets art studio. And because this is open to ALL, it is a global (online) neighborhood hangout with space for people to break off into their … View Post