the supreme art of living

“when we sit with fellow wayfarers,
sharing our trials and revelations and
listening to theirs, our struggles seem less
like personal vendettas and more like
myths in the making.” – Elizabeth Lesser


March has always marked the season of deep change for me. Sometimes by choice, other times by external forces– but always, it has been in this month between Winter and Spring that has seen me stripped to the bone, shedding one aspect of my life that has ended and stepping into the next.

Sounds easy.

Sometimes it is. Sometimes, not so much.

I am happy to report that this particular March— despite the Armageddon levels of snow I thought I had left behind me in New Hampshire– I am having one of the gentler experiences of transition and transformation.

Eleven years ago this month, I began blogging. As it did for so many of us who were wading into the internet back then, having an online journal changed the entire trajectory of my life.

Squam is a direct result of the interactions and connections I made online. And, through the growth of Squam — the friendships and experiences it has given me — I have gone through more personal alterations than seems possible in such a short period of time.

This year, these last six months in particular, feel like the end of a big cycle.

I know as long as we are alive, there is no end to the spirals, but for this moment here– it truly feels like I am on new ground, beginning an entirely new path through the labyrinth.


And, this new direction has me facing away from the computer screen. Sure, I have always been more inclined to reading and journaling analog style and yes, yoga teacher training has taken that up to new levels– but also I am connecting with so many more people now, in person.

Right now there is so little nourishment for me online. Advertising and sales seems to permeate every stream– even Instagram is a place people have begun to sell stuff which causes me to turn away.

“yet as much as I admire literature and the works of
art and science, the realization of the unity of life
cannot be conveyed through any other art than the
supreme art of living – by returning good will for ill will,
friendship for enmity, compassion for anger, love for hate.”
Eknath Easwaran

The Supreme Art of Living.

Yes. That’s the best way to describe it. Right now that looks like sinking into this new home (where by the way– we moved Squam HQ— yes! I will tell you all about that next week when I am in that headspace– just know it is utterly awesome and I am beyond happy with this change), reveling in the kitchen where I just want to cook morning to night— definitely a new outlet for my creativity.

And play.

Speaking of– IN A WORLD a movie that I watched last night which was so good, I’ve invited friends over to watch it with me tonight so I can have someone to talk about it with.

Hello? How did I not know of this movie? How do really smart, fabulous movies go under the radar like that? Written & directed by Lake Bell who also stars in it and is terrifc. Wow. Triple threat.

Seriously— have you already seen it and not told me?* Loved it. Okay, that’s all I know — off now to make some squash chipolte soup and some kind of yummy yet-to-be-determined baked good.


bisous, e

*I’ll forgive you, I guess . . .

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