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Once upon a time, I was a stay at home mom of two young children just beginning to explore the idea of creativity, not simply as something I did, but as an essential part of who I was. It changed my world when I found a community online that was exploring and celebrating art-making as a way of life.

I finally felt part of something I never knew could exist and
found a way of belonging to my own life in a way I could
not have imagined. As it turns out, joining a creative
community that encouraged my self-expression
opened new doors for me.

When Squam appeared on the horizon, I was utterly starry-eyed and smitten with the possibility of going to such an incredible in-person gathering. I yearned to be a part of it, yet for so many reasons it felt impossible. How could I possibly manage to take five days away from my kids? How could I justify spending a large amount of money when I wasn’t working outside the home? What would it feel like to be part of a group experience with a bunch of strangers? I definitely wasn’t sure that would be a fit for my very introverted self. And yet— year after year, I watched from afar and ached to be there.

It took me four years to finally knock down all those limiting beliefs and attend my first Squam.

So, you can imagine how amazing it is for me today — and how deeply gratifying– to be creating the very event I was longing for back then: accessible, affordable and just the right size! Stitched Together is everything I dreamed of back then and so much more! Five years ago, I was part of the team that ran Squam in the City (the last time Squam was in Providence) and I am beyond excited to be back in the place that now feels like a second home.

Providence is one of my most favorite places and if you don’t know it, get ready to fall in love!

photo credit: (left) Xanthe Berkeley (right) Bella Cirovic

This gathering has been created with so much thought and intention to create the very best one-day event possible. Here’s a glimpse of what is waiting for you:

In the morning you can join a circle of yarn lovers and knit to your heart’s content, and make an impact, in our Hat Not Hate Knit Lounge. Our sponsors have gone above and beyond to make this a luscious and indulgent retreat for you so there will be loads of blue yarn on hand for you!

If you would rather stitch than knit, there is another group that will be circling up for some creative play at the HERstory Stitch-Up that will be hosted by the original Badass herself, Shannon Downey. We are so lucky that Shannon will be making the trek from her hometown of Chicago to Providence to share her magic and inspiration with you.

Of course, if you don’t want to be sitting in the morning but moving and grooving—- well, we’ve got that, too! A fabulous Latin inspired yoga/movement class led by Michelle Vitale will get you feeling SO alive, awake and ready for adventure.

Between morning and afternoon we have a festive al fresco Brunch to nourish you. This will be situated on Hotel Providence’s beautiful outdoor patio and give you the chance to meet and mingle with your fellow makers.

And then– after brunch, we have the incredible WORKSHOPS that you have traveled here for. I cannot say enough about this team of stellar teachers. If I could, I would take every single one of these classes– they are all SO good!

The day will close out with a delicious a happy-dance worthy Happy Hour and Mini Maker Market!

Part of why I am so excited about this 2020 Squam Initiative is, not only does this luscious one-day event fulfill a need for something a bit more accessible in many different ways, it also is a vehicle to build intentional community.

I am passionate about celebrating the rich tapestry of diversity in our maker community, amplifying marginalized voices and providing a space to learn from one another while embracing equity and inclusion through the joy of art.

The launch of this event is a real, honest to goodness, dream come true for me.

*February 29 UPDATE*

In the true spirit of this gathering — our intention with this event has been to make the Squam experience as accessible as possible to as many as possible in terms of location, duration and cost– we are thrilled to announce that thanks to the generous sponsorship of Gather Here, ticket price has been lowered by $100 and is now $280 for the full day event. HOO-RAY!

Registration is OPEN and I do hope you will join us for this wonderful city adventure. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. See you in Provy!

love, Mindy


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