endings, always the beginning of something

“The end is never the end. It’s always the beginning of something.”
Kate Lord Brown, The Perfume Garden

Last December when I announced that I would be scaling back my work life so that I might focus time and energy on my creative projects, it meant that Squam HQ would also have to scale back. Thus, yesterday was Forrest’s last day with Squam as he is also ready to move on to new adventures. That’s the funny thing about endings, they always herald new beginnings and I have no doubt his next chapter will be filled with the same fun, hard work, and high style that he brought to us these past two years.

As many of you know, Forrest and I met when I lived in New Hampshire. At that time, he was still in high school and would come over twice a week to take the dogs out for a walk when my commute to NHIA meant 10+ hour days. When he signed on to join Squam in November 2014 — it was a very happy day. As I think of all our time together– that is what I will remember: the way we worked so well together and the many fun times we spent putting these events together. Let it be known, there were a lot of laughs. Because as anyone who knows Forrest well is aware, behind that debonair, cutting-edge fashionista, is a man who very much likes to get his silly on.

Joining Squam HQ meant a move to Providence and a quick perusal of his IG feed gives a glimpse of the great crew of people Forrest has connected with and all the ways he made the most of his time in this small city.

I know Forrest has made many friends in this fabulous community of makers and creatives and trust those bonds will carry him forward through the years ahead. I like to believe he will always feel the love that surrounds him and, though he will always roll his eyes at the ‘woo’, perhaps he won’t be surprised to sometimes find feathers on the soles of his feet.

bisous, Elizabeth

Photo Credits:

top row: (left) Katie Bogosian, (right) Elizabeth Duvivier
second row: (left) Jen Elliott
third row:  Elizabeth Duvivier, Kerry Lemon, Elizabeth Duvivier
fourth row: courtesy of Forrest Elliott
fifth row: (left) Forrest Elliott, (right) Elizabeth Duvivier



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  1. I consider myself very lucky to have met and been able to connect with Forrest, and I can’t wait to see what both you and he get into going forward. I fully intend to follow along for both journeys 🙂


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