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Heart Medals, video by TIF FUSSELL
SQUAM from Squam on Vimeo.

“Happiness is a form of courage.”
George Holbrook Jackson

Yes! Today is often referred to as Groundhog Day and lord knows I love me some Bill Murray. In fact, I love this movie so much as I believe it is such perfect analogy for how it is we grow our soul.

If you remember, at the beginning our hero Phil was a total tool: arrogant, self-centered, small-hearted and contemptuous of humanity. And then, on his long journey to win the heart of his beloved newscaster, he learns humility, compassion and patience. He also becomes a hell of a piano player, but that’s a story for a different day.

It was not an easy path and he tried to kill himself in every way possible but then had to give in and give over to the fact that life was gonna happen no matter what he tried. And so, why not do what makes you happy? Dude had no idea how creative he was until he had fully given up all the ego attachments that had previously driven his goals and intentions. Okay– enough of me on that topic because you KNOW I want to do a PhD on it, seriously– I do.

photo courtesy of TIF FUSSELL
photo courtesy of TIF FUSSELL
Instead, I am here to share happy news with you that at our Fall gathering this September TIF FUSSELL and her daughter MEG FUSSELL will be offering an extra creative workshop on Saturday morning.

A few months ago I was over the moon to receive registrations from Tif and Meg. I have read, loved and found endless inspiration from Tif’s blog Dottie Angel since it first launched into the blog world lo, these eight years ago.

Tif is a genuine hero of mine, her approach to daily creativity rocks my world, it honestly does and, of course, the furry friends who bop around her studio completely own my heart.

So, I took a big breath and reached out to see if they would have any interest in hosting one of our informal extras on Saturday and . . . they said YES!

Today, at Morning on the Dock Tif and I are chatting about the funny (and sometimes painfully challenging) ways Life nudges along on our journey and the boots we love along the way.

Your can listen to it HERE.

Of course, today is also traditionally called Imbolc or Brigit’s Day, a time for fueling your imagination with fire and poetry. So how perfect is this that Tif, truly one of the most keenly original artists in the world today, is with us to celebrate the dreams and desires of your heart. My very own Goddess of Imbolc in the house . . as it were, #thissweetlife

bisous, Elizabeth

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