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photo credit:  Kaitlyn Bouchard

Oh my word it is 60+ degrees here in Providence today!  It feels like Spring— and as life seems to be in perfect alignment of late, seasons changing seems to be the theme of the day.

As many of you know, my beloved niece Lauren Olaksen (pictured above) has been helping me with Squam since we began our very first textile retreat in 2009.  That year, she was a freshman in college but she found the time to come out and help me launch the Spring session which is now heading into its fifth year.

Each year after that, Lauren was on hand to provide a whole range of support including helping me move twice.  For those of you who attended in 2011, you will remember the beautiful hand-made inspiration packets she made for each of you.  And, for those of you who joined us in 2012, you each received a love banner that she made by hand (500 total!) and had waiting for you as a welcome gift from Squam.

Last January, as she was in that in-between land of post-college but not yet in her dream-job, Lauren came and worked for me here.  Three days a week she drove down from Boston to help me manage the biggest year I’ve ever had– and I can say, quite simply, there is no human way I could have done it without her help.  She was my angel.

However, as we both knew, the day would come when she would be ready to make the transition to a job that didn’t require such a hefty commute.  With the sweet timing that Lauren has consistently brought to my life, she found a way to wrap up with Squam just after processing the last of the Spring 2013 registrations.

Last Thursday, she said good-bye to me, Daisy and Henry and headed north to her beautiful apartment in Boston where she is off to new and exciting adventures, but not before doing a superb job training her replacement:  Kaitlyn Bouchard.

(I am absolutely thrilled that Kaitlyn has joined the team and will introduce you all to her soonest.)

Right now, please join me in sending Lauren off in a big pink bubble of love!  (fyi, If you wanted to send her a personal note, her email is:  lolaksen AT gmail DOT com)

photo credit:  Kaitlyn Bouchard

Lauren, you are pure loveliness and have been an absolute lighthouse in my life.  You’ve got a big shining path in front of you– may you enjoy every step on the journey.

I love love love you,

your Aunt Beth

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