This week it is all about the mail.  Our little post office here gets caught up in the spirit too as they heft the brimming mail crates onto the counter for us to cart back to Squamlandia where amidst twinkle lights and sleeping mutts, we settle each person into their classes and tuck them into the most perfect cottage we can arrange.

And, though the pace is steady and our mood quietly elated– the stream of email and activity is pretty high since we have a new online workshop beginning Monday and we’ve got lots of other wonderful projects percolating to share with you once registration is done.

I share all of this so you can imagine how it felt for me to open an email this morning and find the following:

Sweet Elisabeth,

I immersed myself in Squam for the first time this fall (was in the “bee” cottage 🙂 and we shared a table at dinner one evening).

Everything…everything…was so “heart-opening.”

In beginning my daily planner for 2013, I wanted an acronym to remind me of simple, happy ways to tend to my whole self. After some serious doodling and playing w/ the thesaurus, I realized my acronym was one letter different from squam – so, of course, I remedied that w/ laughter and joy.

I write these letters on each day – straight, circular, floating….they are a visual hug to myself. Here’s what it came to be:

s – supplements (vitamins, tea, little nutritious boosts to my day)
q – quiet (meditation, intentions, exhalations, awareness of the sacred)
u – unburden (purge, have only what I need, simple order)
a – affirm (gratefulness for my health thru motion – yoga, running, spin)
m – muse (what awakens me creatively, exploring outside the box)

I love the ripples of squam….. namaste, liz drahos

me too, Liz — me too!

bisous, e


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