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Where the Circle Meets is a workshop that takes place at the SQUAMLOVE Community.
Once you register, you can access the class.

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We do not grow absolutely, chronologically.
We grow sometimes in one dimension,
and not in another; unevenly.
We grow partially. We are relative.
We are mature in one realm, childish in another.
The past, present, and future mingle and pull us
backward, forward, or fix us in the present.
We are made up of layers, cells constellations. – Anais Nin

Last January, I opened up an online space with the specific intention of creating a place for us to gather without hustle or frenzy. As I explained at the time: no ads, no algorithms. You can read more about the inception of SQUAMLOVE Community HERE.

Beyond the desire for more spaciousness and the means to share more fully about what what we were reading, thinking about, dealing with — I had zero expectations for what would grow. All I knew was that when you bring creative spirits together, all sorts of new ideas, new projects, new perspectives blossom.

“I felt so alive the year I spent working through
Magic of Myth :: End of the Quest, it’s a feeling
I am trying to get back to. The course pushed me
to begin holding myself accountable for my life.
I was just rereading the Preya/Shreya passages
that clicked for me. I need to bring that
wisdom back into focus and practice.”  Kirsten Becker

“I had three children at home, at risk kids we took in,
aging parents, horses, cats, dogs — a lot of craziness!
I was the student that listened, that took it all in and
meditated the questions as I went about my hectic days.
The class kept my head above water, it was
the touchstone for my artistic self, dedicated time to
focus on my choices, actions, thoughts, my path.
It helped me turn inward to form clear intentions
of who I wanted to be.” Elizabeth Wade

Above are two comments that were recently posted in the SQUAMLOVE Community following a number of open studio chats where people repeatedly referenced how profoundly The Magic of Myth :: The End of the Quest had impacted their well-being (and, in some cases, actually contributed directly to huge life changes).

This powerful feedback and the requests for a continuation of the class, is what prompted me to create an offering that would both build upon all the terrain we had previously covered while also establishing a fresh slate for us to begin our journey anew. Because, as we all know, life is not linear. We are moving on an ever-deepening, ever expanding spiral.

The idea that we are separate is poison.
We are each unique, resplendent in our differences and,
eternally connected in our oneness with the divine.

We are all in the together. It is only what we give to others that we receive ourself; it is how we treat ourself that we treat one another.

the SQUAMLOVE Community


  • The beauty of sitting in a circle is that it allows for us to face what it is we want to release (or to call in) without assignment of blame or focus on the past. In a circle, we have the space to hold each other in love and safety as we move through our day, our week, this life. You participate as much or as little as you like. There are no requirements, no pre-requisites, nothing to bring but an open heart and a practice of kindness.
  • We can help each other precisely because we are all walking the same path through struggle, anxiety, guilt, fear, etc.
  • To focus on our inner world — clear the sediment, release the fears, judgements, condemnations, etc is a challenging task. In my experience, there is no better place to do this than in a circle of friends. When we join in with other like-minded spirits, we are better able to sort our inner worlds and get free of the clamour of the material world.
  • In a circle, we share, we learn, we reconnect with our best selves.


  • Each week there will be prompts, exercises, videos and on occasion, guided visualizations
  • An ongoing list of resources (books, articles, films, etc) will be available.
  • The class is utterly self-paced and self-directed. You take what you like and leave the rest.
  • There will be opportunities to participate in live gatherings via zoom, but these will always be recorded so you can watch them at your leisure.
  • As always, there will be FAIRY GODMOTHERS joining us to share their wisdom, insights and life lessons.


  • The workshop takes place at the SQUAMLOVE Community. Once you register, you can access the class.


  • Our previous gathering lasted twelve months. However, that offering was done at home by each individual in their own space. Because this offering is formed within the SQUAMLOVE Community, it will have the ability to continue long after the lessons have subsided. The circle will be a living connection that you can step into whenever your heart calls you to it.

Questions? Just let me know —

bisous, Elizabeth

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