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It’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn to what kind of gatherings are on the horizon for 2022 and I am here with some updates on that question.

As it has been for all of us, the past two years have been extremely challenging for me. Last year in particular, cut me off at the knees and it took a lot of focus and digging deep to host four retreats. Each of them was utterly wonderful and I felt, as I always do, a profound grace that I have been given the opportunity to bring such heart-centered people together.

It is a healing, a blessing and a straight up silly joy that we get to step out of the demands of daily life and immerse ourselves into creative life force not just as an individual kicking it in our studio, but together, as a community.

However, as you all know, there is no offering a cool drink if the well has run dry. And so, I have made the decision to take next year off from hosting the large gatherings at RDC on Squam lake. The reasons are many but boil down to the simple need to get quiet, go within and spend some time on self-nurturance.

It’s possible I may host some smaller Into the Mystic gatherings in 2022. If I do, I will announce via the newsletter and post here. I am also thinking of opening my studio and guest space (Providence, RI) two or three times next year for a week-long Artist Residency in the event there is someone else who also would love some time to get quiet, go within and have the time and space to dive deep into their creativity. If you are interested in this, send me an email.

FYI, I owe my dear friend Giusita some big thanks for nudging me to create the SQMlove Community as that has become my most favorite place to be online. (Ironic, right? as I was very reluctant to create an online gathering place as I couldn’t imagine it could nurture the same magic and connection. Ha. Always good to be wrong). So, if you miss me, you can always find me there where I share the kinds of links and inspiration I put into the newsletters, talk quite a bit and occasionally host live studio nights.

Also, Where the Circle Meets is ongoing and just got a bunch of new material added if that calls to you, it’s utterly self-paced and you can join in any time.

But HERE is the BIG news that you really, really want: there WILL be a gorgeous gathering at RDC on Squam lake next June! Woot Woot. Yes, that is right, KIALA and DAMON GIVEHAND (pictured above, front and center, at Squam 2021) are hosting


June 1st – June 5th

Kiala and Damon are two of the most heart-centered, inspiring, marvelous, fabulous humans I have ever had the honor to meet and I am so honored they are going to host a beautiful retreat at RDC with so much goodness on hand,
you have to head over there to check it all out!

photo credit: Jenn Cox

Because I know you also want to know about September, right now, RDC won’t know if they will be open in September (we get updated end of March) so our fingers are crossed that there will also be a SACRED MAKERS SOUL RETREAT in September, but for now, the only event scheduled at Squam is the June session.

nothing is created,
nothing is destroyed,
everything is in transformation
– Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

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