sing it out!


You have your own note to sound, and you are sounding it with greater power and beauty all the time.”  Ursula Nordstrom

There really isn’t anything more challenging in this world then to share with the world who we truly are. For many of us, this is the work of a lifetime. For some, it’s just too overwhelming to be that vulnerable. And then, for those rare few — there is nothing holding them back from full personal expression.


If you are somewhere in the middle and looking to move more in the direction of expressing your truest self, if can be fun to explore some of the questions below:

What would you like people to see about you when you enter a room?

What would you like people to feel when you leave a room?

Where/when do you feel most relaxed and “in your skin?”

In what situations do you feel most awkward and ill at ease?

How does it serve you to hold back from “sounding your own note” for the world?



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1 thought on “sing it out!”

  1. Wow, Elizabeth, great questions. And the last one, what an eye opener. It almost never serves to hold back. I believe most of our voices would not drown out or obliterate or drown the other; it would just harmonize, lift and resonate. If it doesn’t resonate, then it probably just wouldn’t be heard; in which case there is no negative to holding back anyway. Thank you for that insight.


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