Episode 72 :: Amy Ambroult

  One tough cookie:  AMY AMBROULT. Yes, she is kind and sweet and so much fun to hang out with. Yes, she is known for her wedding ring workshops, the fabulous classes she has offered at Squam and, she is most definitely a dedicated wife and mama to two teenage daughters, but she is also FIERCE, daring, brave and loves– LOVES– to get her hands messy. Good thing she is a metalsmith, hmm? On this morning’s call, Amy and I had such a lovely conversation … View Post

Episode 71 :: Stasia Savasuk

When you see a woman radiating charisma, ease in her being and fabulous style, do you think, ‘oh, she was born that way’? I know I do– or, at least I did prior to chatting with STASIA SAVASUK. It turns out, with a bit of a rebel spirit (i.e. break ALL the rules), access to thrift shops (no need to break the bank) and a whole lotta chutzpah — you can learn to find your OWN style which results in greater self-confidence, comfort and an … View Post

Episode 70 :: Joy Fairclough

Hey! Have you ever fantasized about living in a creative, thriving city in the South of France where the temperatures are glorious and you can go straight from enjoying breakfast in a charming cafe to walking  down the hill for a swim in the sea? How about if your life expands to include living in and renovating a 300 year old farmhouse an hour north of that city — sounds flipping amazing, right? Wait– what if you ALSO had a pied-a terre in Paris to … View Post

Episode 69 :: Xanthe Berkeley

When I think of XANTHE BERKELEY I think of the word celebration! Her photos and mini-films always seem to be making the simplest moment, activity or object extra special simply by the way she focuses her lens on it. For me, she is truly an artist of daily life– which, as you know, is what I cherish most deeply. Also, could there possibly anyone more dedicated to the colors YELLOW, PINK, RED! (and turquoise, green, blue, orange, violet, peach . .. because she is a true … View Post

Episode 68 :: Lucy Owen

Spontaneous, curious, open-hearted, exquisitely vulnerable — these are probably all the reasons why LUCY OWEN is such a gorgeous actress, but having spent time with her in real life before knowing what she did for work, I can tell you it is also why she is such a luminous human being. Thanks to longtime Squammies Sarah and her mom Connie, Lucy joined us at Squam by the Sea last May in a wild act of spontaneity and trust. I think those two words really sum … View Post