Episode 71 :: Stasia Savasuk

When you see a woman radiating charisma, ease in her being and fabulous style, do you think, ‘oh, she was born that way’? I know I do– or, at least I did prior to chatting with STASIA SAVASUK. It turns out, with a bit of a rebel spirit (i.e. break ALL the rules), access to thrift shops (no need to break the bank) and a whole lotta chutzpah — you can learn to find your OWN style which results in greater self-confidence, comfort and an inner radiance that makes the world shine brighter.

As you will hear in our chat today, Stasia was nobody’s style maven— in fact she laughs now looking back at how she dressed when she left college and headed into the peace corps– well, you know, laugh and cry— as many of us do when we reflect upon how torturous it can be sometimes to wear the clothes we think we are supposed to.

The beauty of this particular story is that once Stasia broke through and found HER style and understood what had caused so much discomfort previously, she was able to reach out to other women and offer what she had learned. This is how I came across Stasia as my friend Amy Ambroult (pictured in the before and afters below, left) recently posted how her life changed — inside and out– after spending time with Stasia.  I could SEE the energy and light and happiness radiating from the photo she shared and I wanted me some of that! But first, I wanted to learn more– so I reached out to Stasia and wow– what a STORY she had for me. We could have talked for hours.

Suffice to say, much of her transformation is due to her darlingest first-born child who came into this world with a whole host of challenges. Very serious, heartbreaking issues that Stasia dove into headfirst like the fierce mama bear that she is. Emerging from those crazy early years of endless hospital stays, doctors, specialists and medicine, Stasia found she had lost herself– but as you will hear in our chat, it was her daughter who helped turn the light on for her when she least expected it!

I promise I am not here to promote or advertise– just sharing as I always do whatever interest me personally– but as timing would have it– Stasia’s Style School opens on April 14th. So, if it does call to you– hie to her website quickly as she limits space to 40 people and won’t offer it again until next Fall.

Meantime– if you are here to listen to the journey of how creativity helped one woman reconnect with her best self, grab a cuppa and settle in. We have a beautiful one for you today!

bisous, xo

All photos courtesy of Stasia Savasuk