Episode 72 :: Amy Ambroult


One tough cookie:  AMY AMBROULT. Yes, she is kind and sweet and so much fun to hang out with. Yes, she is known for her wedding ring workshops, the fabulous classes she has offered at Squam and, she is most definitely a dedicated wife and mama to two teenage daughters, but she is also FIERCE, daring, brave and loves– LOVES– to get her hands messy.

Good thing she is a metalsmith, hmm?

On this morning’s call, Amy and I had such a lovely conversation that meandered all over life choices, surprise paths that we never knew about and doing the hard thing. Well, she talked about doing the hard thing — rock climbing, traveling the world in a camper van, soldering and shaping metal– while I talked about what a fragile flower I am. But, oh it was good– take a listen! xo

All photos courtesy of AMY AMBROULT