dancing with the moon and inviting self care

Happy December my friends!

This morning I want to share with you a story and a lesson learned…

On Saturday evening, my boyfriend, our cat and I were snuggled up on the sofa for an early night in and I realized that my body was aching, truly aching. Not a coming-down-with-a-flu-ache or an ache of tiredness, but a winter-time ache: the type that comes when our bodies start to turn inwards and embrace the longer evenings, the lower light of the sun, and the need to cosy up and eat warm, home cooked meals. This familiar ache is my seasonal reminder to be easy with myself, stay slow and take each day-by-day…

However, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, staying slow and being centered is more often easier said than done, right? Because, at the same time I was thinking about tending to my winter-aches, I was also running through my long list of Christmas knits to still be accomplished and presents to wrap. Then, unexpectedly, the question came to mind: “What about ME?”

Elizabeth will attest that I am notoriously hard on myself, and often little acts of kindness towards myself are given as ‘rewards’ for ‘working so hard this week’ or ‘not having had chocolate for 24 whole hours’. So when my little achey body started asking for me to book a healing massage… the little negative voice inside immediately quick-fired back: “What have you done to DESERVE it?”

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself, giving in. “Well, nothing, really. I don’t do very intense physical labor at work every day, I have been going on pretty low-key walks lately, and I only went to two yoga classes this week… so in reality, you’re right… I don’t deserve this massage, do I?”

“That’s right, you don’t,” said the negative little voice.

And just as easily as that hopeful little self-care thought popped to mind, it was diminished and out like a light. Poof, gone.

Fast forward to next the day. I was feeling really good good good, in my mojo and energized by the full moon and was fervently wrapping presents for my family and friends for Christmas… and I kept revisiting the conversation I’d had with myself the night before. After a while mulling it over, a thought occurred to me: “would I ever ask any of them if they ‘deserve’ these presents? No, of course I wouldn’t!” and so I picked up my phone and made the appointment for the massage.

Needless to say, the reason for this story is to invite you to be kind to yourself, to embrace self care and treat yourself this holiday season. Some of you may already be good at that (and I envy and salute you!) but for those of us that might need a little permission, consider this your nudge to take a long bath, take an afternoon walk, dance in silly ways, book that massage or embrace whatever way feels best for you to give yourself a little attention and love. Because, if your body is at all sensitive to the seasons or stress like mine is, I can assure you that it’s yearning for a little inward self-care, even during this particularly busy and outwardly-focused time of year.

Speaking to that — right now I am craving a walk in the sunshine, so I’m going to listen to my impulse and head out for a wander! And I’m also curious — what are ways you tend to your light and accept self-care when you really need it most?

Wishing you a warm and tender week ahead,
with so much light and goodness,

Meg xx



2 thoughts on “dancing with the moon and inviting self care”

  1. When I need a little self-care I like to “take to my bed,” and I will knit, watch TV, even sometimes eat dinner in bed! Sometimes you just need the comfy security of the blankets around you.


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