missing you already…

That’s a wrap! I simply cannot believe that it’s been a whole entire week since we were gathered together at the lake. I’m still feeling the glitter dust floating around — to be surrounded by so many incredible makers was completely rejuvenating! Above all I want to let everyone know how much having you at the lake during the Spring and Fall meant to me. If but one of you had not been there, the whole experience and shape of the events would have been very … View Post

Weekend Feature :: malabrigo TriBeCa

Park Hat by Sarah Luse “We are inspired by nature, art, urban life, cities, trends… Inspiration can be anywhere…” If you’re a knitter, crocheter, weaver or all-around yarn enthusiast, you’re likely familiar with malabrigo yarn. Known for their super-soft skeins in a myriad of colors, there isn’t a fiber artist around who hasn’t reached for a skein and noticed how simply luscious it is… I personally love how they have grown to be one of the biggest names in the industry, but have also so … View Post

we love hearing from you!

photo credit :: Meg Fussell hello hello! Gosh — I can’t believe this summer is flying by. FLYING by — but in the most glorious of ways. Plenty of days at home, some in the sun and some spent hugging my air conditioner, others on the road… my perfect balance of work and play. Counting the weeks, we are *almost* exactly half way between the Spring and Fall retreats. If you attended the Spring gathering — how are you still basking in the Squam glitter … View Post

makers monday :: Tory Williams

I’m so excited to highlight Tory Williams on another Makers Monday post! I first met Tory during our Fall 2017 gathering — bright, bubbly, with a contagious smile and an abundance of wit, she’s effortless to be around. As the teacher of Portrait of the Artist, she asked Elizabeth and me if we wouldn’t mind being models for the afternoon session of her class. Admittedly, I was nervous having the cameras pointed directly at me, but Tory immediately put us at ease with light direction and … View Post

was it all a dream?

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou Firstly — wow. I miss you! ‘Squam-morse’ :: that post-Squam feeling of ‘back to reality’ mixed with memories from the weekend, the missing of friends new and old — perhaps a new burst of inspiration dappled with melancholy — hit me REAL hard on the Tuesday after the Spring retreat. It felt like the second day after an intense workout — full of ache — but in my HEART. … View Post