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photo credit :: Meg Fussell

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Gosh — I can’t believe this summer is flying by. FLYING by — but in the most glorious of ways. Plenty of days at home, some in the sun and some spent hugging my air conditioner, others on the road… my perfect balance of work and play.

Counting the weeks, we are *almost* exactly half way between the Spring and Fall retreats. If you attended the Spring gathering — how are you still basking in the Squam glitter glow? and if you’re joining us in the Fall… what are you excited about — anticipating — or maybe a little nervous for? Remember that I am here for ALL your questions and needs — before/during/post Squam — the experience is much more than the just the¬†gatherings themselves. So don’t forget me, okay? ūüėČ

Which brings me to some genuinely lovely words that have been written by a couple of our Spring Squam attendees! I really want to share with you what they wrote about their experience…

photo credit :: Meg Fussell


Tona Bell of The Paper Seahorse traveled from Florida to join us at the lake. She journeyed¬†by herself (which many of our attendees do — can you believe the COURAGE that takes?) In her reflection, she generously highlights her favorite aspects and reflections of the retreat —

“There were 200 attendees and yet it never felt that big, even at mealtimes. The food was fantastic and the workshops wonderful. You get two full day workshops and plenty of downtime and space to reflect. I think that is terribly important so that you can really process what it is happening and not feel overwhelmed. Taking time for yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone for an introvert like myself often means mixed emotions and a need for recharging.”

photo credit :: Tona Bell

As well as showcasing her GORGEOUS photos, Tona also writes about the concept of ‘Shinrin-Yoku‘ — “forest bathing. It is the Japanese concept of taking in the forest atmosphere for health and well-being. Basically being in nature helps prevent us from becoming ill and allows to become more intuitive and creative. I love my tropical backyard and spend my weekends outside but being in a forest is completely enveloping like a hug and the energy is so much stronger.”¬†Doesn’t the idea of ‘forest bathing’ just seem absolutely divine?

Thank you Tona for your wonderful words, I am so grateful for your energy at our gathering
and for sharing the personal growth you experienced.

**Click HERE for Tona Bell’s full ‘Dreaming of Squam’ Post**

photo credit :: Tona Bell


photo credit :: Mary MacIlvain

“I attended an art retreat last week and it was the best thing I‚Äôve ever done for myself…”

Mary MacIlvain¬†begins by finding her Squam experience ‘hard to describe’ — but she does SUCH a beautiful job — Mary’s photos and descriptions help paint a beautiful picture of the Squam Lake and Rockywold Deephaven Camp experience — so if you’re looking for a little more ‘insider info’ — Mary’s post is a perfect glimpse. Don’t forget to scroll to the very end for a little atmospheric video of the lake and wind in the trees… *bliss*

“The lake is magical and beautiful. We had a dock behind our cabin at the edge of the lake, to sit on, talk with newly found friends, and contemplate the universe. It was heaven. What more can I say?”

 Thank you Mary for showing us Squam through YOUR eyes!

**Click HERE for Mary MacIlvain’s full Post**


Above all — thank you, thank you to each of you who have taken the time to write about or write TO me about your experience during my first Squam retreat. Hearing that “it was truly a magical and life-changing experience” just puts the wind in my sails!

Have you written anything you would like to share? Or perhaps you have some special photos, drawings, or projects that transport you back to the lake? Please, oh please do send them through. xo Meg

photo credit :: Meg Fussell

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