an october astonishment

photo credit: AMY GRETCHEN An October Astonishment from The Mountains Within: Poems of the Wild by Garth Gilchrist When I touched the yellow maple leaves They entered me Without my knowing This morning after I’d picked them I had their golden sweetness In my veins It was after holding them in my hands Upon my skin in the slant light dewy morning Plunging my nose deep in amongst them Wet and cold, snuffling The autumn scent Suffused into air and me My eyes are fixed on their open … View Post

moving day!

walls of inspiration at Gather Here… photo credit: MEG FUSSELL What a week! On Tuesday, Elizabeth & I rendezvous in Cambridge where we visited Virginia & Noah, the owners of Gather Here. This being my first visit to their gorgeous shop I thought I’d just stepped into sewing & knitting heaven! Sewing lessons are definitely in my future, so I have my eye closely set on their calendar for November classes… We continued to spend the week together at her lovely home in Providence. Behind … View Post

new season intentions + resolutions

photo credit: MEG FUSSELL Yesterday I went on a beautiful walk near Plum Island, a gorgeous protected peninsula of beach and grasslands here on the north shore of Boston. I had my first feelings of turning inward for autumn, with building excitement and anticipation for cosy evenings (probably spent knitting!) and warm, home-cooked dinners. I generally don’t make new-year resolutions in January. I prefer new-season resolutions and, as the seasons change, I find myself motivated to exam old habits. So whilst I was on my … View Post

on being new + taking home with you

human hieroglyphs on Squam Lake, September 2017 photo credit: AMY GRETCHEN Earlier in the year, when winter was on the cusp of spring, I was sitting near to the water where my two favorite rivers meet. This special place, back home in Washington State, truly holds my heart. I was watching the immense amount of water surge past and noticing the small pea-green shoots of spring starting to break the surface of the soil. I was sitting and writing in my journal about breaking my … View Post