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Uncertainty has certainly been one aspect of these past months (that feel like years) as we all work to stay grounded in good mental health while actively engaged in a world that is challenging us on every front of our daily lives. More than ever, honest connection and strong friendship has been a life raft for me, as I trust it has been for you. And, as a sweet bonus surprise, sometimes our friends can lift us up in ways we could not have imagined possible.

Friendship is the sea on which all boats rise.

Last fall, I was in a different state of uncertainty– I had recently launched STORIES FOR MY SISTER into the world and was second-guessing myself, wondering if I was doing it all wrong when my spirit sister Karen gave me the words below:

“The book is out there in the universe working its magic.”

It was the exact release valve I needed: I didn’t have to worry; I needed to trust. So that’s what I did and the book continues to reach its audience in its own perfect way. Flash forward to a a few weeks ago when I got the most heart-warming text from my friend Andrea who wrote,

“so, I read your book in a couple of days. Elizabeth, it is soooo good! So good, I then had to share again in my newsletter. And this lovely note came this morning — “

hello Andrea, Just a quick note to thank you for recommending Elizabeth Duvivier’s book, I just finished it, loved it! If you can, please pass this comment along, hoping other books are in her plans . . .

Heart. Full. Stop. What a completely unexpected and happy surprise ending to a question I put out to the universe twelve months prior. You see, the reason the timing was pretty marvelous is that we are coming up on one year exactly since I was in Portland, OR for the book launch at Brooklyn Tweed.

5 September 2019
Jared Flood, me, Luigi Boccia

And so I reached out to Andrea, Jared and my book loving friend Shelbey Monae who is the creator of Shelbey And The Book Club, and asked them if they would join me for a chat about the book as I head off to work on the next novel. It was a really fun conversation that explored all sorts of ideas around the importance (and difficulty) of honest communication, creativity, art + commerce– plus, the joy of school supplies! I share it with you here in case you would like to listen along:

Books (and more reviews) can be found here:  elizabethduvivier.com

Big love to you. Please, go as slowly as you need during these days of uncertainty and unrest. The world needs you healthy, strong and safe. And, if you are feeling shaky, reach out. Ask for the help you need. With love, listening, compassion and the support necessary to take the actions required of us now, we will all come through this, together.

bisous, Elizabeth

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