wrapped in love

It’s a month of birthdays over here plus the lovefest that St. Valentine showers down on us this shortest month of the year, but February has also been something of a wild flurry (HA!) of delays, struggles and fatigue as winter, otherwise known as the snowpocalypse, continues to have its way with us.

Whew.  Snow, yes — we see you.  Your presence has been made known.

So you will understand how challenging it has been for me to express the wellspring of gratitude I felt when the loveliest lightest whisper of a beaded shawl slipped into my packet of mail.

As any knitter will tell you, lace is on the highest order of complexity– when you add in beads to create BEADED lace, well, that’s just off the charts.

And, as we all know, anyone who receives a
handknit bit of loving is loved dearly indeed.

Now you understand my dilemma.  How on earth do I express my gratitude?  Do you have any idea the hours of love, skill, and talent that have been poured into this beauty?

And I haven’t even told you about the letter that came with it.  Handmade and hand-stitched with shimmering snowflakes.

Dear Elizabeth,

    4 years ago I found myself searching for a getaway.  I was tired of spending vacations in crowded tourist spots and wanted, no needed, to be someplace away from it all where I could just sit and relax.

    Never did I think that I would find myself instead someplace that would touch my soul and change my life, but I did.

::  I found myself at Squam ::

    Last year, as I was leaving Squam, you whispered in my ear that I was not my circumstances, and reminded me I was surrounded by friends who love me.  I can’t say thank you enough for those words and your spirit.  I have turned to them often over the past year to get through the toughest moments.  Thank you so much for your beautiful spirit and sharing it so intimately with all of us who attend Squam.  It makes it the special place it is and I am forever changed and bettered for my time there.

    Enclosed is a small gift that can hopefully say the words my pen can’t seem to say.  I had hoped to give it to you in person.   love, Christina Creevy (Ravelry: ibelle)

Oh, this circle that we are a part of.

How the love just goes round and round and round — helping us through the darkness, keeping the light on the path ahead.

bisous, e













photos above by Kaitlyn Bouchard

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