A Week of LOVE

While not all of us celebrate Valentine’s Day, I think it’s still a marvelous reason to extend just a little extra love to everyone important in our lives, and the perfect week to get gushy and grateful about all the fantastic people that make Squam so utterly amazing (that’s you!).

So, this week on Instagram I shared a different word each day under the theme of LOVE, inviting you to chime in and share how you cultivate love for yourself, your community, and in a plethora of other ways. We also wanted to hear how Squam has helped YOU grow that love and we received such sweet sentiments.

“Squam has opened my world up to a group of creative people that has made me feel connected beyond my imagination. It has been one of my greatest heart blessings.” – Kristi Shreenan

“My first SAW was an opportunity to reconnect with my true self and my creativity. It reminded me of the importance of balancing work and play. My Squammies are an integral part of my life. Not just for one week a year. ❤ ” – Laura Lynn Renner

“Made two besties for life at Spring 2017 Squam… Feeling blessed with new friendships.” – Elizabeth Duke

It’s been almost six months (already!?) since I took to the helm of the retreats, and I’ve noticed the abundance of gratitude, care, kindness and — most of all — community that has blossomed from these gatherings. As I continue on with Squam, I hope to honor and celebrate these connections cultivated through a love for creativity and each other.

My oh my, do I just LOVE you all!

Meg xo

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