signs of a benevolent universe

Dear Life,

You know I love you, right?  Like seriously, big time.

Oh sure– there were those days (fine, years, whatever) when I really questioned our relationship. No more, my friend. That is history.

Sure you are mercurial, full of piss and vinegar one moment and sweet as buttercream the next– but I am all in with unconditional love for all of it.  Which means, I take you exactly as you are.  And let’s be clear– the more I wake up to your magic the more dazzled with wonder I am.

Or, as a much more articulate Elizabeth says,

“There’s always another level up.
There’s always another ascension.
More grace, more light . . .
more to shed, more to grow.”

from Super Soul Sunday with Oprah

So, enough of my love letters to the powers that be, let me just tell you straight: the universe is seriously crushing on me.  Like he is rolling out one good thing after another with barely any time for me to say anything but a whole lot of “um, okay?”

Above are a couple of shots from the past weeks I snapped on my i-phone. The weather has been sublime, the colors beyond rich and nourishing to the spirit. Which is a very good thing since, oh my sainted aunt, it has been full out busy around here.

The office move I mentioned to you last July has resulted in a brand-new project:  Squam Studio, a shop here at the front of our HQ that opens its doors each Saturday during the Farmer’s market.

I know, right?  A brick and mortar store?  Am I really the wildly impulsive creature that I play on tv?

Um, yes.  And yet, in my defense, it’s kind of like the universe is in charge and telling me where to show up.

Actually, it’s very much like that.

As our new office is in the building where the winter Farmer’s Market happens twice a week, every Saturday morning from 9am – noon there will be approximately 3,000 people passing by our door.

Seems kind of crazy not to invite them in, no?  So we are gonna have some sweet things on offer including a few select magazines*.  Hence the photo at the top.  This morning our first order came in from Orion and what was on the cover but A FOX!  (my spirit animal)

I’m taking it as a sign from the universe that things are lining up perfectly.

If that weren’t enough, we have all kinds of other changes going on.  After nearly two years, Kaitlyn was ready to move on to other adventures and, though we were sad to see her go we certainly understand that there is a big, wide world out there for such a talented young woman. So we said good-bye and wished her all best.

In the next breath? Guess who walked through the door?

photo credit:  XANTHE BERKELEY

Oh yes, that would be a young man we know well:  the uber mensch Forrest Elliott.

(For anyone who is new to the scene, Forrest grew up near Squam Lake and began helping me back when he was still in high school. In his first year of college, he wrote me the sweetest letter that said his major was no longer history/law but art & photography which he attributed to his experience with Squam.  boo-YAH!)

Fresh out of college with a degree in art and photography, Forrest has joined the team and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So, that’s the quick update.  We have LOTS of exciting program announcements for you coming up in November– have no worries on that front.  Meantime I wanted to leave you with a couple of great links for the weekend.

Be sure to watch Elizabeth Gilbert on Super Soul Sunday — she is SPECTACULAR.

my favorite things

this porcupine and its voice (seriously, I can’t tell you how this touched my heart)


bisous, e

*in case you are wondering, YES — we will of course have UPPERCASE on hand for you. xo

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