reflections on the year that was


oh December,

You always sneak up on me so fast! Wow– looking back at the past 12 months, I’m glad there are photos and blog posts to remember all that happened as I sincerely doubt that I would be able to access all the details.


What I wrote here last December pretty much sums up all I have to say on how to navigate this crazy, wild, sorrowful, amazing, heartbreaking, beautiful world.

(BONUS: if you have not yet watched COSMOS, I highly recommend it to offset any stress or anxiety. Remembering just how small we are — what a veritable blip we are in the cosmos — sure helps to keep things in perspective).


  • I began a six-month yoga teacher training in Shiva Rea’s PranaFlow.
  • We hosted our very first Squam Studio and,
  • I moved house the very day we got dumped with 1800 feet of snow.




  • saw us moving Squam HQ back under my own roof which made me inordinately happy as I love working from home.


  • Most especially since OMG the snow! THE SNOW! So much with the SNOW.
  • Not having to commute became a godsend especially once the weather got nice
  • Sitting out on the deck as much as possible became a favorite part of the day.




  • was all about long walks around town, at the beach and through the woods all the while getting ready for our June session which was a landmark event for me, personally.
  • Thanks to Mindy, Nina, Forrest and Terri – -I was able to let go of running the event and step back into the classroom which felt like coming home.
  • I also got to sink into even deeper appreciation of how magical this lake is and, how intensely grateful I am to be able to gather with such extraordinately kind, open-hearted people.





  • I passed my yoga teacher training! boo-YAH!


  • we launched a brand-new version of our Squam by the Sea so that it will be waiting for us next May.
  • We spend as much time outdoors as we can while still getting ready for two back to back sessions: Into the Mystic and our September gathering.
  • Both sessions brought together the most wonderful, the most brilliant, creative and fun people. The collective energy is still with me to this day.






  • had our second Squam Studio
  • got the house painted





Phew — and now? We are shutting off the computer and closing the office for a nice big break. We will be back at our desks first week of January! Can’t wait to reconnect then and hear all your news.

This season, let forgiveness reign. May you find ease, comfort and joy as you honor your best efforts in the past year with full acceptance and understanding where you did not live up to your highest goals.

When you can embrace your beautiful self
exactly as you are, your compassion
for all the rest of us flawed humans
expands exponentially. And that’s
the world I want to live in.

From all of us here at Squam HQ (that would be me, Forrest and the pups), we send you our warmest wishes. May you know many good moments in the days ahead and feel wrapped in the love that is all around you, always.

bisous, Elizabeth


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