Episode 81 :: Gerri Smalley

pictured above Gerri Smalley + Elizabeth

This past summer I was having conversations with my friend Gerri that were diving so deep that at one point I said to her, I wish we could share this — what we are talking about is helping me so much in dealing with this tumultuous cultural shift we are living through. She felt the same way, but then– you know, life. I didn’t take any action around it.

And then, some weeks later on my facebook page, I had some nudges from people to start the podcast back up. I was open to the idea but not sure I had the energy or, that I wanted to do “interviews” per se– but I do love the power of conversation. Gerri shared with me this summer that she was fortunate enough to have both her grandmother and great-grandmother share their wisdom through conversation. Such a powerful process.

I reached out to Gerri and asked her if I could record some of our calls in the months ahead and she agreed and so– here we are. This is our first chat– more to follow.

The beginning is a bit slow, be ready for that. And the then the middle is a bit rambling, please note. And then the end, is a random stopping point, don’t want you to be surprised. All of which to say, this conversation is wide and wheeling, totally unplanned, unstructured. You have been warned. 🙂

As Gerri says in the call I am sharing today:

“That’s the purpose of dialogue. It should not be a one-way outpouring of emotion.
It should be a connecting of two people in a giving and taking of emotion.”