Episode 78 :: Joan Dwyer

A few weeks ago I was chatting with JOAN DWYER here on the dock. You should know, Joan is a true hero in my world. Owner and founder of the largest and oldest Yoga community here in Rhode Island– All That Matters,  Joan has a wildly generous heart, is dedicated to building and nurturing community, a love of gardening and healing modalities — all things I cherish.

However, the biggest reason why she is such a hero to me
is that this is a woman who says YES to life.
She truly walks the walk.

I mean it. This is a person who TRULY says yes to life! Case in point: after we had this conversation, I said casually– ‘you should come up to Squam. I think you would really like it.’ I knew with her crazy busy schedule (she also assists births, teaches, travels extensively to help small businesses as a consultant, plus probably another hundred things I don’t know about) and the fact that the gathering was only a week away she would say something like ‘oh, wish I could but . . .”

Instead? She grabbed a bag, jumped in the car and came to Squam! Wowza, right?

It is this fearlessness. This openness.
This willingness to bring heart and curiosity to life,
versus fear and resistance that makes her such a luminary.

It was an honor to hear a bit of her story and I trust you will enjoy it, too.

bisous, Elizabeth

P.S. She even learned to knit at Squam– thanks to Marce! 🙂

all photos courtesy of Joan Dwyer