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Truro, 17 August 2013

Nothing like a couple of days out on the far end of Cape Cod to remind me of what I love most about summer:

1.  the light

2.  the beach, the lake, the pond (to recap:  WATER)

Brush Hollow Beach, 17 August 2013

3.  outdoor showers (um, does this also need to be filed under love of light & water?)


It wasn’t easy to come back to the office after a long weekend of such loveliness, but damn if there wasn’t a package waiting to make the transition beyond sweet!

If ever there is something that Squam provides to us all, it is a chance to see new possibilities for ourselves, think about things in a different light and, above all, find the courage to explore new paths.  I know this has been true for me and I hear from people on a fairly regular basis that my experience is not unique.

Case in point:  the letter that was waiting on my desk this morning traveled all the way down from Johnstown Ontario and was snuggled in tightly with some handspun yarn (an alpaca, merino, silk blend for inquiring minds that want to know . . .) named Squam Love.  <—!!!  Seriously?

And this letter had a rather clear purpose: to make my heart melt into a great big tide pool of salt water and sunlight.

Hello Elizabeth,

I hope spring squam was a huge success for you all (is there any doubt?)  I feel myself very fortunate to have attended both a fall and spring squam but it wasn’t until the spring squam last year that I felt things shift for me.

As I am a great believer in fate,
I know I was there in the right time + place
to help me choose which side of the fork in the path I would travel down.

Because of the generosity of a fellow squammer I became the recipient of some alpaca fleece.  At the time I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it.  All I knew was I had been gifted with something wonderful.  I had it spun into gorgeous yarn as I didn’t spin then.  (I take lessons now though.)

It seemed only right to send you a couple of skeins of “Squam Love” for you to create something for yourself.  I have since started my own small business working from home hand-dyeing some of the most beautiful fibers.  I have a booth at a local artisans market and will attend my first fiber festival next month. 

I write to you because I want you to know
it’s because of Squam and the nurturing,
encouraging and positve atmosphere you provided that nudged this “old girl” on a new path in her life.

I’m loving every minute of it!!

Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for providing such a wonderful environment.  (I’m gushing, I know).

Keep up the great work.

Lindsay McKeever


I just run out of words sometimes.  Gotta slip back into that place of wordlessness characterized by light, love and gratitude.


Thank you Lindsay for letting me know how things have shifted and changed for you. And, how much pleasure these new paths are giving you!

Thank you Lindsay for allowing me to share your letter here so someone else — somewhere else — like you, like me — who may be feeling a bit stuck, discouraged, derailed or otherwise “off the path” may find the inspiration to move ahead in the direction of new beginnings.

And?  It’s a full moon today people!  Time to make some magic . . .

bisous, e

P.S.  Henry also has a fine appreciation for the beauty of an outdoor shower . ..


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