indefensible amounts of beauty

My love for Elizabeth Gilbert is a well-documented fact. And, as with any great love, my adoration only deepens with each new glimpse into her attitude toward life.

Case in point, the interview below.

The sad truth is, had this conversation been recorded in Swahili and therefore completely unavailable to me to follow along– I would STILL be smitten just looking at her white strappy shoes on black sheer stockings– a fashion I sported when I returned to college after a year in Paris. I’m not sure why this look didn’t really garner me much more than the puzzled glance, but then again– maybe the middle of Wisconsin wasn’t the best place for my sartorial explorations.

:: sigh ::

But, I digress. Elizabeth Gilbert. Interview. Yum. Not the least of which is her proclamation of “indefensible amounts of beauty!”

Which is the phrase that kept circling in my head this morning as I walked the dogs down to the park stopping every three seconds to snap a photo even though I knew all the while, there is no capturing this light, this canopy of blossoms. There is only walking through it, breathing deeply, not daring to look down to see if your feet are still on the sidewalk because you don’t want anything to bring you down from this heady, dreamy, intoxicating experience–

The hell? Did I really just load in WAY too many photographs for a single post, particularly when they are all the same damn thing or, at best, a variation on a theme . . um, mea culpa?

What can I say?

It’s indefensible, really.

bisous, e

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